Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 64 (Nov. 10, 2014)

He kinda looks like he is in Prison!! (but smiling)

Another Happy Week!!!
This week was another normalish week. We contacted so many people this week! And we found 2 new families. One of them is a street salesman that we found one night helping him cross a muddy street. So we went to his house and found him and like 5 teenagers that work with him. We started teaching them on Monday and returned to teach them another lesson on Wednesday. When we taught the second time we asked them if they wanted to get baptized and they said yes, the only problem is that they are planning on moving to another house and so they might not be here for too long. 
We have also been working hard with David’s family. David is the young man that we baptized last week. He is so excited about all that is happening in the church. Right now we are getting him ready because he wants to go on a mission as well!!! He is a super special convert. We are also working with his family because they are all pretty excited as well! We are working hard with David’s sister because he said that she wants to be baptized as well. Sorry today is going to be a little short as well. Really nothing new happened, just working like normal. 
The APs came this week and studied with us. It was kind of cool. We also found mold growing on our wall thanks to all the humidity and rain down here. But ya today we cleaned it off and we are going to paint our house this week. 
That’s the what’s up from here in Mexico. Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!


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