Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 40 (5/26/15)

Week 40
So yes this turned out to be a very eventful week. The first part of the week, we were in the house and not allowed to leave. Then tuesday night we received a call from Hna Morales telling us that we were to leave for Villahermosa to get tests taken. So wednesday morning we headed out at 5 for villa. We arrived at like 2 in the afternoon.

Traveling to Villahermosa!!

We were absolutely lost going from a tiny little town to a huge city. Hna Morales told us when we got there to go to the Emergency room at the Hospital. We were like WHAT??? the emergency room?? Thanks to what my companion told her she thought we were literally dying!!. But being super obedient missionaries we headed to the Emergency room. As we strolled into the Emergency room the nurse looked at us and started laughing haha. They told us that it wasn’t urgent and kicked us out. Which I didn’t get because as we were leaving a kid from an elementary school showed up with a scraped knee and all the doctors rushed around trying to help him haha. So we called Hna Morales, she asked to talk to the nurse there (poor nurse). So she yelled the ear off the nurse until they let us in. I had a super cool doctor that had lots of Missionary friends, so he joked around with us a little about Joseph Smith haha. They found out that the rash was an allergic reaction to the different type of penicillin they use down here to cure the skin infection I got. haha So they put a drip tube in. Or whatever it is called, the bag they hang up with the shot that goes into your arm to like give you water or something. So they put that in and then came back with the biggest shot I have ever seen in my life!!!!!! Good thing they put it in the tube so I didn’t have to get another shot. Then they got out the Ultrasound machine to check for Kidney Stones on me and Elder Alonzo. We ended up still having the infection but the Kidney Stones no. So we dodged a bullet there. So now all is good.

After we slept in the house that I stayed in my first night here! It was cool to go back. Then thursday morning we went to the temple to buy stuff then headed home. We got home thursday night and so thursday and friday we had to stay in the house.

Now comes Friday, I was able to leave again and start working. This is when we found our golden contact. His name is Diego and he loves everything we teach him!!! He lived in Oklahoma for 16 years before so he speaks really good english. We taught him about the restoration and he loved it. He actually came to church yesterday for the first time and everyone thought that he was a member because he used the book of mormon better that all of the members. He was also able to meet President Morales because he came yesterday. Yesterday was our branch conference. He really came to get mad at the members for talking bad about us and not helping. He might actually take us 4 out and close the area. It was actually a really good conference! I love hearing Sister Morales Talk because she is so powerful!!! I was able to learn so much from them.

That was my weird week haha I just want you to know (mom) that I am all good and to not worry! Love you all so much!!!

Elder Parduhn

Villahermosa temple!

Week 39 (5/19/14)

Hey family,

Looks like you have quite the week planned. You saw the photos?? Good, one of the Elders here has a camera that can upload photos straight to facebook so I put my email in and ya. Yes Monday I did get my haircut. I don’t think the lady understood me to well because she cut it extremely short!! I hope no one gets mad at me.

 This week was another tough week. Because of the 'rash' or whatever it is I wasn’t able to be in the sun, because when I got in the Sun it made it worse. So during most of the days this week I was stuck in the house with my friend Elder Alonzo who is still sick!! If you can please put him in your prayers. He has been sick for like 2 weeks straight. So the doctors told me I had to take penicillin shots. Today I just finished the fifth and ultimate shot!! :) So now in this 1 area I have had about 10 shots now!

It has been raining sooooo much this week. We have come home drenching wet almost every day this week!

I would also like to let you know that the rollups are a big hit here. This week one of the nights that I was stuck in the house, we went to some investigators house to make them for their family. We have to use an old wood burning stove!! I felt so old fashion haha.

 This week has been full of service, we got up early every morning this week to go to a members house and dig a huge hole. But not just any hole, we are making a hole that is 2 times taller than me!!

This has honestly been one of the hardest weeks in my mission. Besides all of the good and bad that happened our branch is really hard. The assistance has been really low and so the member have been taking everything out on us. We have lost food appointment, some of the members refuse to work with us saying that we are lazy and that we don’t know how to do our job. Even with these harsh comments we turned it into something good. We continued to do what we were doing but focused less on the members. Now they are all having a change of mind. President Morales is going to come by this week, we will see what happens. who knows I might even become branch president.

I would like to inform you mom that the technology obsession continues! haha. I fixed our broken stove this morning!! no worries I sent the photos. The elders Now call me 'fix it felix' from the movie reck it ralph. hahaha

Love you all tons!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 38 (5/12/14)

It was super good being able to talk to you this week!! I was so excited all week haha. The time is flying by because I feel like I just barely talked to you guys.

I had another fabulous week. I think Im burnt though because the sun was so hot this week. It was another normal week of missionary work, finding our investigators, cool family home evenings in which we played games and made brownies haha. We did have a special day though. Friday we had the opportunity to go to a tiny little town that is in our area. Its called Pejelagarto.

We went out to contact. We about contacted half the city in 4 hours knocking door to door. We were able to find quite a few people that were interested in listening to us. Among them we found a family of Jehova Witnesses that were very interested in our message. This lady was like a super friendly Eddie Shmidt kind of person. She was so nice, and fun to talk to. She was really interested in what we had to say. We started off by just introducing ourselves, and with that explaining where we are from, then we started talking a little about the restoration of the gospel. She loved it. So me and My comp will be heading out there this coming week. This week it started raining so hard!! I went on splits with the other american Elder Lott. We had a blast. We had the opportunity to meet some of our investigators kids that came to visit her. They were really cool. She invited us to come and eat some cake with her ;). After that we just started walking in the pouring rain. Everyone was laughing because there were these two white guys walking in pouring rain but so happy haha :) After we went to say hi to that latin elders families. Then Sunday well I talked to you so there is not much to put there other than it was awesome!!! But today, Today we went to the ruins!! El Tigre. It was so cool!!!!! Wow there is nothing like being in Book of Mormon land and getting to see all their buildings!!! They were so fun, I cant really explain them but when you see the photos you willl understand!! That was pretty much my week here!! 

Love, Hunter

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 37 (May 5, 2014)

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

Hey family!

Actually 5 de Mayo isn’t really that big of a holiday here haha. It is a holiday that we think (Americans) is big here, nothing to big just some PiƱatas and stuff. I was honestly locked in the house this week. It wasn’t too bad though because my good friend Elder Alonzo was also sick with about the same thing, his was just worse though. I do want to share a quote from his mom though to you guys. He started off by telling his mom that I was sick (before he got sick) and told his mom to keep me in their prayers, and this was the answer from his mom, ''Tell Elder Parduhn not to worry because he is in my prayers and God always listens to my prayers so he will be fine'' hahah I used this line in my testimony yesterday. Even though she was just being funny with us, I wish that everyone could have faith like her. 
We were able to leave the house Friday due to a zone conference in Emiliano Zapata. So once again we spent the whole day traveling. It ended up being a super good class, we focused on obedience and went over the rules again haha. After the class we had to wait for Pres. Morales and his family to show up. We had to take the ward computer back with us, and best of all he had my package with him haha. While we were waiting for him we took advantage of our time to talk with the families of his first and second counselors. They are really cool. We ended up never talking to Pres. Morales because he was really busy, but we stayed and talked to his wife for a little bit. Then we started the long trip back home. That was honestly my week, alot of reading and studying from the Book of Mormon and the Bible.

Hope you all have a great week!!

Love Elder Parduhn

He loves receiving packages from home!!