Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 58 (Sept. 29, 2014)

This was a super interesting week! This week we had interviews with President Morales. We talked a lot about baptism and why they are important but more importantly he explained the importance of having new investigators. He focused on explaining to us the importance of contacting and reminded us of the 2 effective contacts we should be doing daily. I was super happy because the assistance loved my planner haha. They said that they are going to copy me from now on haha. It made me laugh. So this week me and my companion worked hard to get those two contacts every day. Actually I was talking to my companion one night and I asked him
"Elder what do you think about contacting?" He told me straight up that he doesn't like it and that he wasn't going to do it haha. He’s a little rebellious thing haha. So I worked really hard this week contacting the whole world. We were able to find 2 new investigators this week. I really want to prepare this area for the next elder because the transfers are in 2 weeks and I might be the one to go.

Remember that family that I told you about. The one that just moved here from another state? We activated them!!! The oldest daughter (the faithful one) has been attending seminary every day. We always run into her on her way back home and we walk with her.  

We had a pretty neat experience yesterday. We walked into church after having one of the hardest days in all of my mission and found that one of the members brought a friend with them. So we took the opportunity to teach him the first lesson. We taught him with President Matas (president Morales’s 1st counselor). We had a super powerful lesson. He ended up telling the member that we almost made him cry haha. He really liked it.

Like I said tonight we had a setting apart. His name is Javier. He is one of the youth here in this area. He is so cool he is like one of my best friends down here haha he was set apart tonight and wanted us to come. I will send you a photo of us. That was a cool experience.
I hope everyone is fine back home! Tell Brennan hi for me!!

Love y'all!!!

Look what he gets to do in my bathroom when he gets home!! YIPEE!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 57 (Sept. 22, 2014)

A quote he sent in his email!


Dang that makes me sad to hear that Josh is home. I hope everything goes well for him. This week here was a little strange. Our ward is so great and some of the members are so friendly but the wards here are so hard. The church is nothing like back home here. In this ward really there is no love. There is like a war going on between some of the member in the ward and it makes our work even harder. For a while we were in the middle of it, but now we aren't really part of it. So we are just working with the bishop, helping him in any way we can without putting our self in the middle of it.

As far as our investigators. Edwin is still doing great. We are slowly getting him to his baptism. And Saul thanks to the ward problems we are having some little issues with him as well. But hey I really feel like we will get them there so there is no need to worries. This week really was just another of those week. I am starting to notice that the best part of this mission is the way that i am growing closer to my savior. Really my desire to learn more has increased so much. To the point that I study every doctrine about him. Really most the things that can be learned on the mission are so indescribable. But really I can see the way that the gospel can bless the life of people and it makes me so happy to be a part of that.

Take Care!! Love you all!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 56 (9/15/14)


HAPPY MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! VIVA MEXICO!!! Things are starting to get crazy again down here in Mexico haha. We are now starting the party time of the year!!
We made the brownies Tuesday after the district class. We decided to do it after the district class so the sisters could be with us too. It was so fun. After we frosted them, that is where the photos come in. Sis. Hernandez put her hand in the frosting then hand printed my face haha well and hers -a little- then she wanted to take a photo so we took a little photo. Our district is so cool!!

The brownies we sent for his Birthday!!

We are going to make district shirts haha. It has been raining a ton this week! It flooded a little bit here this week, but all is well. On the missionary side. This was an interesting week. We are continuing to look for new investigators and to help the ones we have the best that we can. Our investigator Saul is becoming more and more difficult. He tries to escape the appointments we have planned with him. I feel like if we just keep trying maybe he will come around to accepting us a little more. The good part though is that we have an active family in the ward that is helping us by inviting him to their family home evenings. The only problem is that this family really doesn't want to work with us. But hey looking on the bright side I know if we put our trust in the Lord he will make miracles happen.
We found a super cool new investigator this week. His name is Edwin. He is a young man about our age that has assisted the church alot back where he lives. He loves the church. He now lives here on the weekends and has already been to church 2 times. We are trying to set a date with him but there is something that is stopping him and he wont tell us what it is. We worked hard and found some friends here in the ward for him and is slowly opening up to us. We have also been using him to help teach with us. We hope to have him in the water as well by the end of this week.
As well as our other investigators. They are progressing very slowly but are still progressing.

As you can see all is going great down here. Thanks for all your love and support. Hope ya have a wonderful week!! Love yall!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 55 (9/8/14)

Sorry about not writing hardly anything last week. I got like a super bad migraine and looking at the computer screen like hurt my brain hahah. But no worries all is going very well! I am still here in my area. The new Elder, Elder Garcia, is very cool. We are 6 in our district and of those six, 5 are Mexican haha I am literally the only not-Mexican in our district haha It is all good though, they are all super cool and we all get along super nicely. We are super close as a district, we are going to buy district shirts hahah.
Elder Garcia
So this week we did something special for some of the sisters in our zone that had their birthdays this week. We made some cakes for them. The cake that we learned to make here we made for them! haha So the day before the zone class we went to the church to make the cakes. Then we took them to the zone class the next day. They were so cool because they were like a bread kind of cake with strawberry jelly and marshmallows on top with some like Mexican ladies haha Lets just say that they absolutely loved the cakes!!! All of the sisters in our zone loved the cakes actually haha.

I absolutely loved the package by the way!!! Thank you so much!! The shoes are sooo cool and im 100% sure that they will last me for the rest of my life haha!! That little book you made was so cool!!! where did you get that at? That was one of my favorite things. Lets just say that, that package was my favorite!!

As far as the work goes. We are still working hard here. We got one of our investigators to come to church yesterday!!!! We passed by his house at like 7:30 om the morning and he wasn't ready but that is the coolest part, he told us he would show up and he totally did!!! everyone told me that he wouldn't but I had faith in him!!l We also have some other super cool investigators that are progressing very nicely. Glady and Minerva. We were able to teach them about the Great Apostasy the other day. And then explain a little about the book of Mormon! She absolutely loves to read the bible and seems to be very interested in reading the book of Mormon, we will se what happens with her. We also have a new family that just moved here from the northern part of Mexico. They are a super special family and are going through some difficult problems. So we took them to Family home evening with some active members. We started talking about faith. The daughters of the new family started talking about the problems they had, so the active mom, Hna Eli, shared a very personal story with them, the spirit was soooooo strong in this moment. To sum things up the family was so touched they reactivated again!! It was one of the coolest lessons I have ever had!! Well the coolest Family home Evening!
That is whats happening here in Mexico! I hope everyone is doing well.

Love y'all tons!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Week 54 (Sept 2, 2014)

Not much time to write today because of the transfers. Me and my companion are still here together. The Elders that live next to us, 1 had transfers so we had to watch his companion all day. We had a very busy week. We worked with a lot of future missionaries. We were walking around teaching this week with 6 young men. We split up into teams of 3 and went contacting in a park in our area. It went very well we were able to find a lot of investigators.

Sorry not a lot of time. I will write more next week.

Love y'all