Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 58 (Sept. 29, 2014)

This was a super interesting week! This week we had interviews with President Morales. We talked a lot about baptism and why they are important but more importantly he explained the importance of having new investigators. He focused on explaining to us the importance of contacting and reminded us of the 2 effective contacts we should be doing daily. I was super happy because the assistance loved my planner haha. They said that they are going to copy me from now on haha. It made me laugh. So this week me and my companion worked hard to get those two contacts every day. Actually I was talking to my companion one night and I asked him
"Elder what do you think about contacting?" He told me straight up that he doesn't like it and that he wasn't going to do it haha. He’s a little rebellious thing haha. So I worked really hard this week contacting the whole world. We were able to find 2 new investigators this week. I really want to prepare this area for the next elder because the transfers are in 2 weeks and I might be the one to go.

Remember that family that I told you about. The one that just moved here from another state? We activated them!!! The oldest daughter (the faithful one) has been attending seminary every day. We always run into her on her way back home and we walk with her.  

We had a pretty neat experience yesterday. We walked into church after having one of the hardest days in all of my mission and found that one of the members brought a friend with them. So we took the opportunity to teach him the first lesson. We taught him with President Matas (president Morales’s 1st counselor). We had a super powerful lesson. He ended up telling the member that we almost made him cry haha. He really liked it.

Like I said tonight we had a setting apart. His name is Javier. He is one of the youth here in this area. He is so cool he is like one of my best friends down here haha he was set apart tonight and wanted us to come. I will send you a photo of us. That was a cool experience.
I hope everyone is fine back home! Tell Brennan hi for me!!

Love y'all!!!

Look what he gets to do in my bathroom when he gets home!! YIPEE!!

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