Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 3 - Pictures

 Tennis AKA King Kong Ping Pong!

 "Sunday Nap"
 The Sisters in his Zone!
Hunter and Josh....

Week 3 - Letter from MTC

He said that is was like a normal day at the MTC on the 24th of July, they did see fireworks from his window.  He asked how Josh's setting apart go. He saw Josh today, he said it was a little weird seeing him there but really cool. He said Josh ended up in Ryan residence, which means where they live.  He see's his friends everyday.   Everything is going great but he really wants to be in Mexico.  They had the opportunity to do a thing called TRC which is like hometeaching for missionaries. He and his companion brought it!(In spanish of course) He says.  So it sounds like he is getting the language down really good.  The tuesday's devotionals are amazing!! There are so many missionaries, but he a reassured to not try to find him if we were to come over! haha He said the food was really good for a week but now he thinks it is gross because they do the same things every week.. He sounds so good!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

P-Day--Monday July 22, 2013

 Laundry day!! He is a good boy....

 Apparently this is called "The MTC open" Which his team won!!! Congrat's
 On Sunday they take a temple walk, he see's Ryan alot... Good Friends!!
 I am not quite sure what a Drink Challenge is???
 This is a picture of  the missionaries walking to the Marriott Center on Tuesday nights for Devotionals, I hear it is a site to see because Hunter says this is only 1/10 of the missionaries!! SHHH! we just might drive over one night to take a peek...
 In the Marriott Center!! He is on the MTC choir BTW!!! I am so proud...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

We have received our first letters, almost at least one everyday and it is so amazing to hear from him..  He is doing so good he loves his MTC companion and loves his district... He also LOVES the food which is wonderful  because we want him to gain some weight to fill out those suit pants we bought just a little to big.. He told us he is trying to gain weight but is having a hard time because he walks alot, and his classroom is far away from where he sleeps so is sweating and walking everything off.. He is doing so good, he has seen alot of friends from school and learning alot.  He says the language is coming along good.  He loves the devotionals and the classes.  As you can tell he uses love alot in all his letters so from that, he is really happy and loves everything about what he is doing and that makes a mom very happy.

So here is a week and half in and he is doing wonderful but would love to hear from everyone, he is very good about writing back!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Today! Monday! 7-15, Must be his Pday... No letter! Pictures - We will take what we can get....

 Today we received pictures, I wish he would have wrote a little, he is not the best writer!!! But we love him anyway..... He looks so good!!!
 Looks like he has been finding buddies at the MTC......   Hunter and Ryan!
 Another friend from school, I am not quite sure of his name. Sorry friend!!
 Hunter and Nate....
 His District!!
His MTC companion!!

He looks so happy!!!

The Big Day!!! MTC ****

                     Look who we found  Elder Bitters!!   It made leaving him a little easier knowing he had a buddy to show him the ropes!!
 We had three minutes to say our good byes!!!  He was ready to start this chapter and we were not ready to let go!!
                  And off they went!! See you Elder Parduhn in two years!!!! WE LOVE YOU.......

Sunday, July 14, 2013

THE DAY!!! -- July 10, 2013

The day he left us for two years!! It was a wonderful day and sad day all at the same time.  First things first Cafe Rio was the place Hunter wanted to eat before he went into the MTC, funny thing is that it was Mexican food I would have thought he would want American Food before he left, but it was all good we love Cafe Rio!! Next we went to say are goodbyes and to take pictures at the Provo temple.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The night before!!! Bittersweet....

He was set apart at 9:00 by President Anderson.  He had alot of visitors!!

The Farewell!! - June 30, 2013

Hunter spoke on Acts 10 and did a fabulous job, after his talk he and all of his friends sang "Armies of Helaman." It was a great meeting.  After we had lunch in our backyard and served Mexican Food...

Next was the temple - June 24, 2013

What a special day!