Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 3 - Letter from MTC

He said that is was like a normal day at the MTC on the 24th of July, they did see fireworks from his window.  He asked how Josh's setting apart go. He saw Josh today, he said it was a little weird seeing him there but really cool. He said Josh ended up in Ryan residence, which means where they live.  He see's his friends everyday.   Everything is going great but he really wants to be in Mexico.  They had the opportunity to do a thing called TRC which is like hometeaching for missionaries. He and his companion brought it!(In spanish of course) He says.  So it sounds like he is getting the language down really good.  The tuesday's devotionals are amazing!! There are so many missionaries, but he a reassured to not try to find him if we were to come over! haha He said the food was really good for a week but now he thinks it is gross because they do the same things every week.. He sounds so good!!

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