Saturday, July 20, 2013

We have received our first letters, almost at least one everyday and it is so amazing to hear from him..  He is doing so good he loves his MTC companion and loves his district... He also LOVES the food which is wonderful  because we want him to gain some weight to fill out those suit pants we bought just a little to big.. He told us he is trying to gain weight but is having a hard time because he walks alot, and his classroom is far away from where he sleeps so is sweating and walking everything off.. He is doing so good, he has seen alot of friends from school and learning alot.  He says the language is coming along good.  He loves the devotionals and the classes.  As you can tell he uses love alot in all his letters so from that, he is really happy and loves everything about what he is doing and that makes a mom very happy.

So here is a week and half in and he is doing wonderful but would love to hear from everyone, he is very good about writing back!!!

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