Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 83 (March 23, 2015)

Hello Family. All is going well down here. You will be able to see what happened with the Recording, but it is getting really hot down here !!! Im not the excited to have the hot season come. But oh well. Sorry about not sending photos. I will do it today. Its just that I havent taken that much recently.

I love yall a ton!!!!

What is he eating!!
Mission buddies!

Week 82 (March 16, 2015)

Hey family!! Sorry but i am going to send the mp4 tommorrow I was a little buisy today!! Here is a little of what happened.

This week was a very sucessful week. We were ale to put 4 baptismal dates. One is with a new family that we found last week. They are very happy with the chrch and like it alot. The other is with an old investigator who called us a few days ago wanting us to visit him again. So this week we have been working with them helping them to get ready for that day! We have been dong well with our contacting. We have been able to find some new investigators.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hunter sent me this song so I put it with pictures!!!!

Week 81 (March 9, 2015)

I’m not going to write that much this week because everything is on the voice recording. Can you hear them??? Another good ole week. Alot of Storms and people partying. I hate all the partys. It makes me miss back home. It’s like their eating in front of the poor. ohh well what can I do. This week wasn’t too well investigators wise. Really no one was walking around. But cool.

I hope you are all ok and enjoying the cold. I love you all so much!!!!!!!!


Week 80 (March 2, 2015)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! How did your bday go? I want to hear all about it. Im kinda bummed that I didnt get any bday photos from you. haha

This week was another super good week!!!! We have been working good like normal. This week was something special because we had Leslis baptism!!!! It was super spiritual. She comes from a familly that has been inactive for like 16 years. In her baptism we asked all of her family to get up and share their testimonies with us. Long story short there were alot of tears. The baptism went great.

Also this week we had an conferences with president. Our zone and the other zone in coatza. So I got to talk to the sisters that are in my first area. That was kinda fun. One of the sister missionaries is one of my good old friends. The biggest bummer in this week was that we didnt get to see the new meet the mormons movie because of our baptism. We are like the only missionaries in the mission that havent seen it yet. ohh well maybe back home.

This week we also changed houses!!!! We are now living in a house that is so much better. It has been the most stressful weekend but we are finally in our new house and ready to go haha. }

This sunday we found a new investigator in the church that is really cool. He came with his girlfriend (she is member).We took him into the gospel priciples class and taught about the priesthood. He got really exited and asked us a ton of questions about it. He is really excited to start learning. We have an appointment with him here in a few min.

I got to go but I love you all a ton!!!! Have a wonderful week. I will talk to you later.

Week 79 (Feb. 23, 2015)

FIRST OFF HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SPECIAL WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU A TON MOMMY!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful Birthday.

As far as this week goes. We are still working really hard with Lesli so that she can be ready for her baptism this week. We are literally doing everything here. This week we totally helped a new convert install his cabinents hahaha we were drillin holes in the wall and hanging these bad boys up!!! It actually turned out really good. This week has been really normal nothing new to explain. I love you all a ton and hope your all doing good!!

About my release day, they wont send you anything until im in my 2nd to last transfer. You will have to wait until june before you are going to recieve anything. I dont even know yet. But im pretty sure I will be coming home on August 3. 3 Weeks after the original date. Its not that much time.

Week 78 (Feb. 16, 2015)

4 1/2 more months or less!! Wow this was a super exciting week. First off almost this whole week was divisions!1 We went on like 3 different divisions this week. haha And of course I stayed here almost every time. Its all good though because I went on division with alot of my friends here in the mission. 

This week we put 2 more baptismal dates. So a day after your B-day mom we will be baptizing 3 more people here in olmeca!! I am so excited. Actually one of the dates we put while contacting a young man. It was one of the division days. We were walking by a members house when we realized that he was talking with someone that we didnt know. So we decided to take advantage and we contacted him. We then invited him into the members house to teach him lesson one. After we invited him to baptism and he was so excited. 

We are also now professional carpenters. One member totally invited us over to help him make tables. I know right a little wierd. So we spent a good hour making tables. We knocked 4 out in one hour!!

Other than that. We had transfers today. Really our whole district didnt change at all but hey it is going to be another good transfer, i am really excited!!!!

I hope all is well back home. Love you all!!!

Week 77 (Feb. 9, 2015)

He found all the things he likes!!!!
haha no mother it was not a cruise ship hahah. It was a boat that came back from an oil rig haha. This week was really good! Just like back home it is getting really hot down here as well. We are in the 90s.
Just some sight-seeing!!

This week was one of those special ones that I probably wont every forget. So here we go.

First off, Wednesday and Thursday I was with 2 other elders in another area because my companion had to go to Villahermosa. So I got to do divisions with them. We just walked around working like normal when they get a text. It was from some of their investigators, super good by the way aka golden investigator, he sent them a text the night before saying that he didnt want to get baptized due to some things he had read on the internet. (stupid anti mormon crap) sorry for the language. So as we were walking this man, Rogelio, sent us a text saying that he wanted to meet with us that same night, so we were like freaked out because we had no idea what he was going to say. So right before entering his house we threw out a little prayer there in the street. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST LESSONS OF MY LIFE, But also the most DIFFICULT. He had read up on what we do in the temple and the whole garment thing and jazz, and so he had quite a few questions. Im sure Dad knows how this is. Just ask him about it mom. So we were there about an hour trying to explain his doubts without saying anything we shouldnt have. In the end he was once again ready and was baptized the next day. We went to him and his sons baptism. It was a very neat experience, you could just tell that he was prepared from the Lord.

After their baptism WAS OURS!! Jaqui was baptized this week!!! Our baptism was super legit also. As a district we sung a him in like 4 parts. Not braggin but it was probably the best!!! Ill sing with ya in the church now ma ;) I was blessed to be able to do the Ordinance. This is the other cool part. It was also Jaquis Birthday!! Some members brought a birthday cake to share after her baptism. It was a great baptism.

The next day Hno Rogeli, the one baptized in the other ward, invited us over to eat at his house. Those cupcakes are called bob. Apparently to Bro. Rogelio thats what we look like to him hahahahaha. He is a very special guy!!
Wow that is a letter!!!! So thats whats been going on here fam! I love you all tons and I will see yall later!!!!

Week 76 (Feb. 2, 2015)

Hey family!!! All is going well down here in beautiful Mexico. Our baptism will be this week. We were able to get Jaquis Interview done yesturday. Really other than that it was just a normal old week.

We had stake conference this week. This is the first time that i have been in such a big stake!! Normally where I have been they have all been little stakes.Its nice to be in one that is a little like back home. We also brought some of our new investigators to the conference this week. (the ones who are our neighbors) They are some reall,y good people.

We had a very special lesson with one of the active families here in our branch. We taught them about the restauration of the gospel and we helped them to be able to us the new cards to contact thier friends. We are going to go to their family home evening tonight to visit thier friends. So we will see how that goes.

Its really good to hear that everything is going so well back home. i love you all tons and I will talk to you all next week!!