Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 90 (May 11, 2015)

It was really good being able to talk to you guys once again. I really enjoy talking to you guys. This week was a super good week with all the success that we had. We were able to find many new people this week. We were also able to have many activitys in the church. Wendsday we showed meet the mormons. We got alot of investigators to show up. Alot of them left the church in tears haha. 

we also had a super cool mothers day activity. The relief society did a marvelous job in this activity. It was a big sucess.

It was really good being able to talk to you guys yesterday!!! Sorry but now I got to go but I love yall a ton!!!! Have a wonderful week.


Elder Parduhn

Week 89 (May 4th, 2015)

This week was a little hard. Keep Brother Angel Zurita in you prayers please. And if you get the chance to go to the temple please put his name in!

Love you all a ton!!!

Week 88 (April 27, 2015)

Its good to hear whats going on back home. Really I dont know how to feel, its all so real having only 2 more months left. Its happy but at the same time super stressful, I litteraly have and will miss everything that is going on back home and it really doesnt make me that excited to be home. 

This week was a super great week! We sucessfully married Bro. Angel and Sis. Teresa del Carmen! They got married monday morning and then saturday they got baptized!!!! So that was a super cool thing. 

Dont get worried mother but also this week we got in a car accident hahaha. we were traveling to an appointment in a little car called a Pochi Movil (you can look that up if you want to see what it is) so we hop in the back and tell him where we want to go, we then noticed that his girlfriend was in the back and I think he started getting a little jealous because he started looking back and talking with here. Just as he looks back a minivan comes around the corner. My companion shouts out "WATCH OUT", and thats when we drill the minivan on the side! hahah No worries we are fine just a little shocked haha. So the guy gets out of the van and starts yelling a the young man, yeling a ton a bad words and getting mad because he could of killed us hahah (the old guy was totally defending us). So we get out and he and the old guy just drive away haha. So we had to find another source of transport haha.

Other than that just a good ole week!

Love yall a ton!! Talk to ya in 2 weeks.

Week 87 (April 20th, 2015)

Wow thats another week down. The time is really flying by down here haha. I sent another voice recording so I wont be writing that much this week. I love seeing all the pictures!! It looks like everything is going very well back home. I love you all a ton.

Week 86 (April 13th, 2015)

Wow im am like litterally dying here in the heat! It is getting really hot down here!

This week was a very sucessful week! We were able to help alot of people.

As of right now we are working in 2 areas. We are in a huge ward as well as a little branch ahah. This ward is making me feel like i am back home haha We found a family this week that live in the little branch area, it is a coule that have 9 children!!! A few of the children are baptized, the only people that are left are the parents. We are going to go this week and marry this couple so that we can baptize them next week!!! I am so excited with this family. Im excited about the baptism but even more excited about the sealing. I really hope that they are able to get sealed!!!!! This family is so special!!!!! i am very excited to continue to work with them.

Also this week i was able to do divisions with the zone leaders. It is funny becuase they litterally live right behind the mission offices haha. It was a good division we were able to contact many people and teach some new investigators. Acutally we showed up to one house, this was a house that none of the missionaries have contacted up until this point, it was a reference from the sister missionaries. So we show up to the door. We notice that right next to the door there is this huge Virgin Marry statue and all these candles, so we were like dang this is a catholic house. Thats when the young women opened the door. She was super excited and ushered us is. ( She was the sister missionaries friend.) So we walk in a meet here mom and you can just tell that she is so ticked because 2 mormon missionaries just walked into her house. So we start getting to know them, and yes they were super catholic, and then we started teaching them. I could tell that as we started teaching the Mom started getting really interested in what we had to say. We only got like half a lesson in when we ended it. At the end these two investigators are just so into it hahaha they became good friends and were very excited to invite us over again. ahhaha I love how the gospel can change peoples lives!!!!

i got to go but I love you guys a ton!!!!!!! Have a wonderful week.

Week 85 (April 6th, 2015)

HAPPY EASTER!!!! Tell Zack congrats! I am very proud of him. Spring Break is nuts down here!! Here it is called the Semana Santa or Holy Week because it represents the resureccion of Jesus Christ. So all the Catholics just go crazy. It is nonstop parties down here!!! They do like these huge march things in the night. They get together in like groups of 100 and put a huge gold cross in the air and march around with candles singing. It is really wierd. I wanted to take a picture but I didnt want to get stoned. Other than that just another week. I really miss conference back home and going to priesthood session with dad. But hey the next conference i will be on my way home!! That is so weird to think about!!! Alright I got to go but enjoy the voice recording. Love yall

Week 84 (March 30th, 2015)

This was another great week!!! We were able to work hard with many of the investigators that we had!! Unfortunately non of them were able to come to the church. We also visited many less actives this week, which by the way many of them came to church.

Today was the transfers and i got moved to villahermosa. Im and now in a ward called Hidalgo. It is one of the biggest wards in the mission. i am very excited!!!

i got to go!!! Love you all a ton!!