Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 88 (April 27, 2015)

Its good to hear whats going on back home. Really I dont know how to feel, its all so real having only 2 more months left. Its happy but at the same time super stressful, I litteraly have and will miss everything that is going on back home and it really doesnt make me that excited to be home. 

This week was a super great week! We sucessfully married Bro. Angel and Sis. Teresa del Carmen! They got married monday morning and then saturday they got baptized!!!! So that was a super cool thing. 

Dont get worried mother but also this week we got in a car accident hahaha. we were traveling to an appointment in a little car called a Pochi Movil (you can look that up if you want to see what it is) so we hop in the back and tell him where we want to go, we then noticed that his girlfriend was in the back and I think he started getting a little jealous because he started looking back and talking with here. Just as he looks back a minivan comes around the corner. My companion shouts out "WATCH OUT", and thats when we drill the minivan on the side! hahah No worries we are fine just a little shocked haha. So the guy gets out of the van and starts yelling a the young man, yeling a ton a bad words and getting mad because he could of killed us hahah (the old guy was totally defending us). So we get out and he and the old guy just drive away haha. So we had to find another source of transport haha.

Other than that just a good ole week!

Love yall a ton!! Talk to ya in 2 weeks.

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