Friday, December 26, 2014

Week 70 (12/22/14)

Having lunch with his district (Notice Briton L. right above Hunter)

FELIZ NAVIDAD on my part. I can’t believe Christmas is coming up. I’ll be honest it just doesn’t feel like Christmas when I’m still sweating. I’m starting to miss the whole white Christmas thing. The Christmas music doesn’t really help either. It’s good to see that everything is going so well back home. It kinda bums me out that I am missing all the Weddings, because I really don’t know what a wedding is like, but hey I’m pretty sure I will see some back home right hahaha. This was kind of a depressing week because the investigator that we were going to baptize never showed up to his interview or church so we didn’t have a baptism this week :(.

Now I must explain our Christmas devotional with president because it was SO COOL.
Thursday we woke up early, well normal, and headed to the stake center. There we met the other zone (2 zone activity). Then we went to a local orphanage. I’m about 78% sure I spelled that wrong. So we get there and start heading off to our assigned areas. 1 district was in charge of bathrooms and 3 others were in charge of cleaning the floor levels (there were 3) and my district was in charge of painting! The best one. And while all of us elders were working hard the sister were busy playing with the children. Typical. Let me just say that we painted the heck out of the orphanage.  No matches for me I painted like half of that building. I was on fire. Everyone was like cheering me on and stuff. It was a pretty neat experience to be able to help all those kids that really don’t have anything. We were able to bring them Christmas. That was probably an activity that I will never forget!!! After we had a dinner in the stake center and president gave us our gifts which were super cool as well.

We also had a super cool branch Christmas party this week. Of course we were in charge and they told us at the last minute like always. I will be honest it was pretty dang cool though. We had a ´share the gift´activity. We showed the He’s the gift videos to everyone and then they all filled out a little card that says ``I will share the gift by....`` then we took photos to make like a poster.

This was a pretty good week. Also I decorated the house super cool!!! Thanks for the little tree and little lights. I love little things Hahaha.

As for our skype chat. I will be calling you guys at 6:00 here SO THAT MEANS 5:00 PM YOUR TIME. I put it in big letters to avoid confusion.
Love ya’ll so much! Talk to ya Thursday!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Week 69 (Dec. 15, 2014)

Well fam another wonderful week here in Mexico. Things are getting pretty crazy down here with Christmas and all. Christmas here is like 4th of July back home. Right now the time they are selling fireworks :) I’m getting pumped. 
So I really don’t know what is going to happen with the wedding because Oscar still hasn’t come home yet. So we will see what happens. We are going to have a baptism this weekend, so that makes me pretty happy!!!! 
This week we had a super cool district activity. We had like a Christmas devotional in the stake center. It was super fun. haha our branch was in charge of the parking lot and since no one showed up we pretty much were left to do it by ourselves haha it was fun, we just ended up contacting people as they walked by haha. 

I got to run,  but I love you all a ton!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 68 (December 8, 2014)


This week was a super fun week. Now that the church has released the new “He is the gift” video, we have been using it to contact all that we can. I is like a special edition dill. I don’t know if you have seen it yet but when you do you have to share it through facebook please.  It is one of the coolest messages I have seen. I absolutely love it!!! We went around the whole week showing it to everyone. We also went around showing it to all the members.
That was really our whole week. We are planning to marry some investigators so that the husband can get baptized. I can’t wait to see how that turns out.
Hahah we were playing on the beach one day when we found a glass bottle. In that moment we put a little contacting card in it and threw it into the ocean. I have no Idea where it went but let’s hope it shows up somewhere. Hopefully Max’s mission haha on the other side of the ocean. ;) Have a wonderful week.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 67 (Dec. 1, 2014)

Hey Fam,
This week I got a little more time to write. Yes I left good old Minatitlan after like a good half year there. (I sent some photos.) I am now in a little outskirt town in Coatzacoalcos. The town is called Olmeca. We literally live like right on the beach!!! There is nothing better that working on the beach all day!!! 
There really isn’t too much to write because I am just barely starting to learn my area. My new companion E. Chajon hasn’t been here very long and so he doesn’t know the area to well. This area is so dang hard to learn. It is litterally like 50 blocks of houses that are THE EXACT SAME!! Everything looks the same!!! It makes learning the area a lot more difficult. oh well.  We have some wonderful investigators here thought. We actually have planned to marry some in like 2 weeks. Then we are going to baptize them. 
Guess what? I am also in Brittons district. I’m probably going to send some stuff home with him. 
That really all I got to write. Sorry for all the short letters, it’s just that right now not that much is going on.
Love you all a ton!!!

Transfer Day!! (Week 66)

Week 66 (Nov. 24, 2104)

Hey super short. Yes I transfered and I am now in Coatza. It is so beautiful here!!!

I love you all a ton. Talk to ya next week.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 65 (Nov. 17, 2014)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KADEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!

All is going super well down here. We had another great week. This Tuesday we had a zone conference with President. It was nice to have him come back and help us a little. We talked a lot about contacting and we pretty much practiced for about half the time. He also helped us improve our teaching of lesson 1, the restoration. We literally practiced for half an hour teaching. It was really cool though. My companion and I are teaching very well together. He is super cool. The transfers are coming this week and it is like the only time that I haven’t wanted to transfer. But oh well. I just realized that I really miss the food back home. We have a cool eternal investigator that invites us to eat every Saturday and Sunday night. He has a fun little game called, Give as much food to the missionaries as possible, it sounds like a fun game right? NOT hahaha he is a really good guy but I always leave sick from his house haha. I am really going to miss this area.
This week we have continued working with David’s family. They are super cool. They are progressing very nicely and love the things that we are teaching them. They love to have us in their home. I am sad because I probably won’t be here in this area when they all get baptized, but I hope they can get there one day. David went to a YSA activity this week and is loving it! He has a desire to go on a mission. I am a proud papa!!! hahaha. We are also working with another big family, they are progressing a little bit slower but are still very great people. 
Yes we did paint our wall, the only problem is that the mold grew back haha. So we are going to try something different and hope that works better. hahah The house does look a little better though. :)
That was my week. Love you all a ton!