Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 67 (Dec. 1, 2014)

Hey Fam,
This week I got a little more time to write. Yes I left good old Minatitlan after like a good half year there. (I sent some photos.) I am now in a little outskirt town in Coatzacoalcos. The town is called Olmeca. We literally live like right on the beach!!! There is nothing better that working on the beach all day!!! 
There really isn’t too much to write because I am just barely starting to learn my area. My new companion E. Chajon hasn’t been here very long and so he doesn’t know the area to well. This area is so dang hard to learn. It is litterally like 50 blocks of houses that are THE EXACT SAME!! Everything looks the same!!! It makes learning the area a lot more difficult. oh well.  We have some wonderful investigators here thought. We actually have planned to marry some in like 2 weeks. Then we are going to baptize them. 
Guess what? I am also in Brittons district. I’m probably going to send some stuff home with him. 
That really all I got to write. Sorry for all the short letters, it’s just that right now not that much is going on.
Love you all a ton!!!

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