Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 80 (March 2, 2015)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! How did your bday go? I want to hear all about it. Im kinda bummed that I didnt get any bday photos from you. haha

This week was another super good week!!!! We have been working good like normal. This week was something special because we had Leslis baptism!!!! It was super spiritual. She comes from a familly that has been inactive for like 16 years. In her baptism we asked all of her family to get up and share their testimonies with us. Long story short there were alot of tears. The baptism went great.

Also this week we had an conferences with president. Our zone and the other zone in coatza. So I got to talk to the sisters that are in my first area. That was kinda fun. One of the sister missionaries is one of my good old friends. The biggest bummer in this week was that we didnt get to see the new meet the mormons movie because of our baptism. We are like the only missionaries in the mission that havent seen it yet. ohh well maybe back home.

This week we also changed houses!!!! We are now living in a house that is so much better. It has been the most stressful weekend but we are finally in our new house and ready to go haha. }

This sunday we found a new investigator in the church that is really cool. He came with his girlfriend (she is member).We took him into the gospel priciples class and taught about the priesthood. He got really exited and asked us a ton of questions about it. He is really excited to start learning. We have an appointment with him here in a few min.

I got to go but I love you all a ton!!!! Have a wonderful week. I will talk to you later.

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