Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 77 (Feb. 9, 2015)

He found all the things he likes!!!!
haha no mother it was not a cruise ship hahah. It was a boat that came back from an oil rig haha. This week was really good! Just like back home it is getting really hot down here as well. We are in the 90s.
Just some sight-seeing!!

This week was one of those special ones that I probably wont every forget. So here we go.

First off, Wednesday and Thursday I was with 2 other elders in another area because my companion had to go to Villahermosa. So I got to do divisions with them. We just walked around working like normal when they get a text. It was from some of their investigators, super good by the way aka golden investigator, he sent them a text the night before saying that he didnt want to get baptized due to some things he had read on the internet. (stupid anti mormon crap) sorry for the language. So as we were walking this man, Rogelio, sent us a text saying that he wanted to meet with us that same night, so we were like freaked out because we had no idea what he was going to say. So right before entering his house we threw out a little prayer there in the street. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST LESSONS OF MY LIFE, But also the most DIFFICULT. He had read up on what we do in the temple and the whole garment thing and jazz, and so he had quite a few questions. Im sure Dad knows how this is. Just ask him about it mom. So we were there about an hour trying to explain his doubts without saying anything we shouldnt have. In the end he was once again ready and was baptized the next day. We went to him and his sons baptism. It was a very neat experience, you could just tell that he was prepared from the Lord.

After their baptism WAS OURS!! Jaqui was baptized this week!!! Our baptism was super legit also. As a district we sung a him in like 4 parts. Not braggin but it was probably the best!!! Ill sing with ya in the church now ma ;) I was blessed to be able to do the Ordinance. This is the other cool part. It was also Jaquis Birthday!! Some members brought a birthday cake to share after her baptism. It was a great baptism.

The next day Hno Rogeli, the one baptized in the other ward, invited us over to eat at his house. Those cupcakes are called bob. Apparently to Bro. Rogelio thats what we look like to him hahahahaha. He is a very special guy!!
Wow that is a letter!!!! So thats whats been going on here fam! I love you all tons and I will see yall later!!!!

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