Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 55 (9/8/14)

Sorry about not writing hardly anything last week. I got like a super bad migraine and looking at the computer screen like hurt my brain hahah. But no worries all is going very well! I am still here in my area. The new Elder, Elder Garcia, is very cool. We are 6 in our district and of those six, 5 are Mexican haha I am literally the only not-Mexican in our district haha It is all good though, they are all super cool and we all get along super nicely. We are super close as a district, we are going to buy district shirts hahah.
Elder Garcia
So this week we did something special for some of the sisters in our zone that had their birthdays this week. We made some cakes for them. The cake that we learned to make here we made for them! haha So the day before the zone class we went to the church to make the cakes. Then we took them to the zone class the next day. They were so cool because they were like a bread kind of cake with strawberry jelly and marshmallows on top with some like Mexican ladies haha Lets just say that they absolutely loved the cakes!!! All of the sisters in our zone loved the cakes actually haha.

I absolutely loved the package by the way!!! Thank you so much!! The shoes are sooo cool and im 100% sure that they will last me for the rest of my life haha!! That little book you made was so cool!!! where did you get that at? That was one of my favorite things. Lets just say that, that package was my favorite!!

As far as the work goes. We are still working hard here. We got one of our investigators to come to church yesterday!!!! We passed by his house at like 7:30 om the morning and he wasn't ready but that is the coolest part, he told us he would show up and he totally did!!! everyone told me that he wouldn't but I had faith in him!!l We also have some other super cool investigators that are progressing very nicely. Glady and Minerva. We were able to teach them about the Great Apostasy the other day. And then explain a little about the book of Mormon! She absolutely loves to read the bible and seems to be very interested in reading the book of Mormon, we will se what happens with her. We also have a new family that just moved here from the northern part of Mexico. They are a super special family and are going through some difficult problems. So we took them to Family home evening with some active members. We started talking about faith. The daughters of the new family started talking about the problems they had, so the active mom, Hna Eli, shared a very personal story with them, the spirit was soooooo strong in this moment. To sum things up the family was so touched they reactivated again!! It was one of the coolest lessons I have ever had!! Well the coolest Family home Evening!
That is whats happening here in Mexico! I hope everyone is doing well.

Love y'all tons!!!

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