Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 56 (9/15/14)


HAPPY MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! VIVA MEXICO!!! Things are starting to get crazy again down here in Mexico haha. We are now starting the party time of the year!!
We made the brownies Tuesday after the district class. We decided to do it after the district class so the sisters could be with us too. It was so fun. After we frosted them, that is where the photos come in. Sis. Hernandez put her hand in the frosting then hand printed my face haha well and hers -a little- then she wanted to take a photo so we took a little photo. Our district is so cool!!

The brownies we sent for his Birthday!!

We are going to make district shirts haha. It has been raining a ton this week! It flooded a little bit here this week, but all is well. On the missionary side. This was an interesting week. We are continuing to look for new investigators and to help the ones we have the best that we can. Our investigator Saul is becoming more and more difficult. He tries to escape the appointments we have planned with him. I feel like if we just keep trying maybe he will come around to accepting us a little more. The good part though is that we have an active family in the ward that is helping us by inviting him to their family home evenings. The only problem is that this family really doesn't want to work with us. But hey looking on the bright side I know if we put our trust in the Lord he will make miracles happen.
We found a super cool new investigator this week. His name is Edwin. He is a young man about our age that has assisted the church alot back where he lives. He loves the church. He now lives here on the weekends and has already been to church 2 times. We are trying to set a date with him but there is something that is stopping him and he wont tell us what it is. We worked hard and found some friends here in the ward for him and is slowly opening up to us. We have also been using him to help teach with us. We hope to have him in the water as well by the end of this week.
As well as our other investigators. They are progressing very slowly but are still progressing.

As you can see all is going great down here. Thanks for all your love and support. Hope ya have a wonderful week!! Love yall!

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