Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 37 (May 5, 2014)

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

Hey family!

Actually 5 de Mayo isn’t really that big of a holiday here haha. It is a holiday that we think (Americans) is big here, nothing to big just some Piñatas and stuff. I was honestly locked in the house this week. It wasn’t too bad though because my good friend Elder Alonzo was also sick with about the same thing, his was just worse though. I do want to share a quote from his mom though to you guys. He started off by telling his mom that I was sick (before he got sick) and told his mom to keep me in their prayers, and this was the answer from his mom, ''Tell Elder Parduhn not to worry because he is in my prayers and God always listens to my prayers so he will be fine'' hahah I used this line in my testimony yesterday. Even though she was just being funny with us, I wish that everyone could have faith like her. 
We were able to leave the house Friday due to a zone conference in Emiliano Zapata. So once again we spent the whole day traveling. It ended up being a super good class, we focused on obedience and went over the rules again haha. After the class we had to wait for Pres. Morales and his family to show up. We had to take the ward computer back with us, and best of all he had my package with him haha. While we were waiting for him we took advantage of our time to talk with the families of his first and second counselors. They are really cool. We ended up never talking to Pres. Morales because he was really busy, but we stayed and talked to his wife for a little bit. Then we started the long trip back home. That was honestly my week, alot of reading and studying from the Book of Mormon and the Bible.

Hope you all have a great week!!

Love Elder Parduhn

He loves receiving packages from home!!

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