Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 39 (5/19/14)

Hey family,

Looks like you have quite the week planned. You saw the photos?? Good, one of the Elders here has a camera that can upload photos straight to facebook so I put my email in and ya. Yes Monday I did get my haircut. I don’t think the lady understood me to well because she cut it extremely short!! I hope no one gets mad at me.

 This week was another tough week. Because of the 'rash' or whatever it is I wasn’t able to be in the sun, because when I got in the Sun it made it worse. So during most of the days this week I was stuck in the house with my friend Elder Alonzo who is still sick!! If you can please put him in your prayers. He has been sick for like 2 weeks straight. So the doctors told me I had to take penicillin shots. Today I just finished the fifth and ultimate shot!! :) So now in this 1 area I have had about 10 shots now!

It has been raining sooooo much this week. We have come home drenching wet almost every day this week!

I would also like to let you know that the rollups are a big hit here. This week one of the nights that I was stuck in the house, we went to some investigators house to make them for their family. We have to use an old wood burning stove!! I felt so old fashion haha.

 This week has been full of service, we got up early every morning this week to go to a members house and dig a huge hole. But not just any hole, we are making a hole that is 2 times taller than me!!

This has honestly been one of the hardest weeks in my mission. Besides all of the good and bad that happened our branch is really hard. The assistance has been really low and so the member have been taking everything out on us. We have lost food appointment, some of the members refuse to work with us saying that we are lazy and that we don’t know how to do our job. Even with these harsh comments we turned it into something good. We continued to do what we were doing but focused less on the members. Now they are all having a change of mind. President Morales is going to come by this week, we will see what happens. who knows I might even become branch president.

I would like to inform you mom that the technology obsession continues! haha. I fixed our broken stove this morning!! no worries I sent the photos. The elders Now call me 'fix it felix' from the movie reck it ralph. hahaha

Love you all tons!!

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