Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 38 (5/12/14)

It was super good being able to talk to you this week!! I was so excited all week haha. The time is flying by because I feel like I just barely talked to you guys.

I had another fabulous week. I think Im burnt though because the sun was so hot this week. It was another normal week of missionary work, finding our investigators, cool family home evenings in which we played games and made brownies haha. We did have a special day though. Friday we had the opportunity to go to a tiny little town that is in our area. Its called Pejelagarto.

We went out to contact. We about contacted half the city in 4 hours knocking door to door. We were able to find quite a few people that were interested in listening to us. Among them we found a family of Jehova Witnesses that were very interested in our message. This lady was like a super friendly Eddie Shmidt kind of person. She was so nice, and fun to talk to. She was really interested in what we had to say. We started off by just introducing ourselves, and with that explaining where we are from, then we started talking a little about the restoration of the gospel. She loved it. So me and My comp will be heading out there this coming week. This week it started raining so hard!! I went on splits with the other american Elder Lott. We had a blast. We had the opportunity to meet some of our investigators kids that came to visit her. They were really cool. She invited us to come and eat some cake with her ;). After that we just started walking in the pouring rain. Everyone was laughing because there were these two white guys walking in pouring rain but so happy haha :) After we went to say hi to that latin elders families. Then Sunday well I talked to you so there is not much to put there other than it was awesome!!! But today, Today we went to the ruins!! El Tigre. It was so cool!!!!! Wow there is nothing like being in Book of Mormon land and getting to see all their buildings!!! They were so fun, I cant really explain them but when you see the photos you willl understand!! That was pretty much my week here!! 

Love, Hunter

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