Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Final Week!!

He got his VISA!! So off to Mexico he will go!!! He is doing so good at the MTC he is healthy and happy, happy, happy!! Monday he was able to go Salt Lake to get his visa, he was so excited to get it.  On the way home he saw Uncle John at the train station in Provo.. SO COOL!!  Tuesday night was a world wide devotional and he was very excited for!! The choir was going to sing a really neat song for it, he is hoping it was a apostle that was going to speak.  He loves the devotionals on Tuesdays at  the Marriott Center he looks forward to those every week.. He said that fast sundays are brutal but they made it through alive!! ha ha Still he is very anxious to leave for Mexico and now he is even more excited because he has received his visa.  The language is going great!!  He has a hard time talking about the MTC because week to week they do the same thing not alot to report on but as soon as he is in Mexico he will be able to have more exciting stories.  He just loves the MTC, the spirit is so strong and he loves feeling that way.  The Provo temple opened back up today and so he hopes to be able to go before he leaves....

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