Monday, August 26, 2013

HE IS THERE!!!! YEAH!!! 1st Letter from the Mission Field

Dear Family,         1ST Mission Field Letter – August 26, 2013

Finally I have stuff to write about!! Tueday was awesome! It was great being able to talk to you guys. Villahermosa was great! My mission president is so funny! The first night he didnt expect 5 more of us to show up so he had to call a member, thats where I met Sergio, he had a big truck to put our luggage in. Then we went to dinner. We got back at like 12 at night, and we slept with some missionaries right next to the mission office. We hung out at the mission office the whole next day doing paperwork. Then it came time for the trainers. We all sat in the Chapel next to the mission office and had a devotional. Then each of the new missionaries would get up and read  a letter that we wrote about us. Then President Morales would make us stand there until one of the trainers felt that they were supposed to train, by the spirit. haha President Morales has never done that before. My new companion is Elder Zuñiga. He is a native of mexico. Then we got transfered to my first area! The city im in is called Cuatro Caminos (4 Ways). It is awesome. It is so hard though because I cant speak the language very good. I cant understand what people are saying, even my companion (he doesnt speak and english, of course :P) I have no one to talk to. And everyone looks at me weird and calls me ´the Gringo´. BUT I love it here. Little by little I am starting to understand the people. My Spanish is improving and my companions English is improving ;). I know I have been blessed. I cant wait to know spanish. They talk so fast haha. As far as the ward goes. There is an attendance of about 60 in our ward. They are so great. They go a little easy on me haha. The bishop is nice, and ohh my gosh his little 3 year old daughter is so cute!!!!! She is probable the cutest little girl I have ever seen!! The food here is great. The citys are terrible, soooo filthy!! Me and Elder Zuñiga do a great job of keeping our appartment clean though. The driving here is TERRIBLE!!!!!!! They do whatever they want, whenever they want, and there are speed bumps like every 100 yards. Crossing the streets in Villahermosa was fun haha. Here it is a little safer. The rain here is so funny! It only last for about 5-10 min, but every time is rains it is a flash flood! And it happens like every half and hour. Plus we have a tin roof so thats no fun at night. We have 7 progressing investigators. Martin- 11 ( He reminds me soo much of Zack it is rediculus!!) his brother Enrique- 15, Fransico- ? 60+... Fransisco is a special man. He used to drink alot but has now quit. He absolutely loves the Bible!! and has a strong testimony of it. He loves the book of mormon. He loves the Gospel!!! He is a wonderful person. We are going to ask him to be baptized hopefully tonight. We also have Linda- her sons are members and attend church reguarly. She has an 8 year old son who we are also teaching. Then we have Cristofer- 9: We invited him to be baptized and he said yes but his parents need to talk about it first. They are both less active members. His dad speaks english but I havent got the opportunity to talk to him yet haha. Things here are going great! I hope I have baptisms to tell you about next week!! Also I have spent alot of time with the mission leader this week! i swear all of them are the same. He is like a brown Ben Hemming, Parley Holliday Jr, and Rob Blackhurst mix ahaha. Hno. Emanuel. He is soo cool. Tell dad congrats on His deer!!! It is soo cool!!! I love you all very much!!

-Elder Parduhn
P.S. Im going to try to put the photos on Cosco. Can you put together a photo album for me??

I also forgot to say. Last night me and Elder Zuga taught at our makshift MTC ahaha. Hno. Emanuel had the idea to have the members be involvled in missionary work. Every member a missionary It was really fun

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