Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 75 (Jan. 26, 2015)


This week was the interviews with president. You know what that means. Long lessons hahah. They were actually pretty good. This year we are focusing on lesson 2 The plan of Salvation. It was actually some super good practices. We also focused on how to invite people to baptism better. We now are able to easily get a baptismal date out of our investigators. We also have been focusing on how to teach the active members and get references out of them using the new cards they have given us. It is a very successful way of getting good references from our members.

The interviews were funny because the night we were supposed to do them president never showed up so it just ended up being a training meeting with the assistants. So we had to go back the next day to have the actual interviews. They went really well, it was nice to be able to talk to president.

This week we worked really hard on contacting all the references we have. We were able to find 8 new investigators this week!! 2 families. They seem really excited. Actually one of them is like our neighbors.

We are still working with jaqui with her baptismal date! She is so excited! We are going to baptize her on her birthday!! I’m getting really pumped too because February 14 is coming up and here in Mexico the people get married free on that day, so we are going to take advantage and marry some other people!!

As far as my release date. I still do not know. Apparently president extended all the American Elders so if that’s the case I will be coming home August 3. But I will see what happens.

Love you all so much!!!

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