Monday, October 7, 2013

90 Days

Week 7 – October 7, 2013
(I am not sure why it copies this way, it is his computer in Mexico)

 Thank you so much for the letter! It is the highlight of my week to
hear how things are going back home!
 Im still doing very well. I didnt transfer, but I did get a new
companion. Elder Rivera, another native but he speaks alot faster. I
am accually partcially fluent!! The Elders and the people in my ward
tell me that I have picked the language up so fast. I have definately
been blessed by the Lord! I can now understand almost all of what they
say, I have been teaching with power. I love spanish!! haha.
Conference was great! It is not like home though, we have the luxury
of watching it in our homes on our TV, but here they all have to go
to the chapel to watch it in Spanish. I was with another north
American, we watched it in English in the office. The chapel was empty
on Saturday and it was packed on Sunday. There are 2 wards that meet
in our building (4 Missionaries). And the building is about half the
size of ours. The members here are so faithful!! Our ward boundries
are about the size of highland, alpine, and cedar hills combined. And
there are about 70 members that are active and about 400 that are
in-active. We have some work to do! ;). But we have activated 3
families! and Baptized 5 new Converts. We are building the ward really
slowly. We have strong investigators, we have another little boy that
has been reading the scriptures and wants to be baptized but his
family can’t take him to church so he never can show up. I made him a
promise that if he is baptized he could have that bible and book of
mormon I had before my mish, also a hymn book from elder Zuñiga. He is
excited to be baptized ;) haha. Yes I went to sign my greencard. We
had a 4 hour bus ride to Villahermosa. The bus was built for 4 foot
latinos haha It was the worst 4 hours of my life! Then we went to the
offices. I saw Elder Berry. He is extremely sick, continue to pray for
him please, and when you attend the temple please put his name on the
prayer roll. He is in the offices 24/7 studying, because he can’t walk. He has
wanted to go home but Presidente Morales encourages him to stay. I
hope he is able to pull through it. Then we had a nice 5 hour bus ride
back home haha. The rain hasn’t stopped but it has slowed. It is
getting colder here, it is about at 85 degrees. Nice and cool ;) haha.
I did get my package everything was there :) thank you. As I said
earlier, I did get a new companion Elder Rivera. We get along all
right, but he pushes buttons. But I made a goal before my mission that
I would love all my companions. He is a great teacher I have learned
alot. He also speaks really fast so my language is improving. He has
been a blessing. Last thing before I go, It is as funny story. Last
night we were teaching a lesson on the light of Christ, using the
'patterns of light' mormon messages. We decided to do an activity, so
we turned off all the lights and shut the blinds, but it was still a
little light. Then we turned on a flashlight and explained how it was
like the light of Christ. At that exact moment the power in the city
went out due to lightning, our demonstration turned out to be really
effective. When we finished the lights came back on hahah :). The
church is true!! haha
 I miss ya all!! and love you muchos!!!

Love, E. Parduhn

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