Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 9

Nothing like logging on to my email and having 23 new messages! So this week will be a little shorter, I am going to try to email as many people as I can. First off, I love the pictures!!! I love Shelbys idea!! hahaha I was laughing so hard in this little internet cafĂ©. I hope the boys had fun! Thanks for letting me know how my friends are! Poor Josh!  
I am eating too much here haha everywhere I go people offer us food, even if we dont know them. I have gained 15 pounds since the MTC. I am now a solid 200 pounds! haha I cant fit in my homecoming pants anymore hahah but my suit fits great! ;) I am loving it here. Many people here are so nice. I have made life long friends and I am so happy. Hno Emmanuel has become one of my grandest friends! The people here are amazing. They are so faithful! I cant even tell you how bad the poverty is in parts of the city. There are houses the size of our living room, made out of soda can metal! Yet I doesnt bug them, they are some of the happiest people I know. If there is one thing I have learned this week is TO RECOGNIZE THE BLESSINGS IN YOUR LIFE. I cant tell you how blessed I am to know of the correct gospel since birth! I am so greatful to have a church house close to where I live. We have so many families that have to walk 10 miles to get to church every Sunday, AND THEY DO IT EVERY SUNDAY. I have seen the blessings that come from diligent, faithful saints. This week has been a very tender, special week for me. I have had things happen to me spiritually that I cant describe to you now. I just want you guys, and everyone else, to know that I know that we have the correct church on the earth. Through my diligent study on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I know that there is a way in which we can become perfect like our brother Jesus Christ. I have been reading the book The Infinite Atonement, it is unreal good. I recomend it to read. Thanks for your love and support. I can feel it all the way here in mexico! Continue to keep me updated on whats happening (including Elder Berry).

I love you all very much. Les amo muchisimo.

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