Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 20!!!

 I decided that the holidays here in Mèxico are way better than back home haha. The mexican people know how to party!! This week was new years.  And just like last year we didn't get the opportunity to teach a whole bunch.  Again the streets were completely empty! We were the only ones walking in them haha. Yes we did stay up until 12 haha but dont tell president haha. It is crazy here! At 12 o clock to celebrate the new year, they make a ``viejito`` it is like a scarecrow and dress it like an old person to represent the old year haha then they fill it full of fireworks and light it on fire in the middle of the street!!!! There were about 5 around our house!! Those things just explode for about 30 minutes strait!! It is so fun to watch!! Then we tried to work the next day and that didnt work out well. pues, we did me a bunch of drunk people. haha Ya there are so many drunk people. haha you will see cars parked in the middle of the road, they all drive drunk, and we dont take taxis because alot of the time they are drunk to haha.

The Taxi's in Mexico (They are smaller than Hunter)
 But then it calmed down alot. We were able to find some people that really are interested in hearing the gospel. Friday night we went to teach the Ocaña family. And if you remember they are the family that all the kids are members the oldest is on his mission, but the parents arent. The mom is soooo ready but we are just waiting for them to get married. The dad never wants to listen to us. But friday he decided to listen to us! He had so many questions. We ended up teaching the plan of salvation in great depth. It was such a great lesson. We hope to have a good week this week because everyone is returning home from their vacations. ohh ya happy kings day!! Today in mexico is their second Christmas. The kids receive more presents haha. They also have this food called `Rosca de Reyes` It is like a bread cake made into a circle and they put little plastic baby jesuses in it. ahah it is so good! I absolutely love the culture down here!
I hope all is well at home. Talk to ya next week!
Elder P

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