Monday, March 17, 2014

(FIRST TRANSFER!!!!!3/17/14)

Week 30!!!                                      ****WOW**** 


I’m writing a little earlier because the mission started something new, they didn’t call us last night about the transfers so I am waiting right now to get them! I’m glad everything is going so well at home. I totally forgot about St. Patricks Day haha they don’t celebrate that here. I feel so weird to here that my friends are getting married ugh. I feel like we are still to young! It feels weird.  I’m glad to hear that Kyle and Shelyce are getting ready for the Temple, I wish I was there to go through with them. haha you guys got hit in the car? That’s not cool. To be honest I didn’t see anything in the photo but I’ll just trust you haha ;). 

I had another great week. Normal. We had divisions this week so again I went to the other ward with Elder Angeles and Elder Grossman came here to work with my companion. We had a good day, we worked in an area called ''El Muelle'' It is a super small town but there are quite a few members there. We ended up having all of our appointments fail, so we contacted a few people then went to the house of some new converts who were moving a lot of dirt to raise the level of their yard or something like that, so we took off the ties and put on some big old boots and got to work. haha It was funny to see the people’s faces when they were walking by and saw the 2 Mormons with white shirts and boots throwing dirt around haha. It was good hard work, and really fun. At the end we just ended up talking for a bit. haha Other than that I have just been preparing to leave. So we were visiting all the families this week so that I could get their information and take photos with some of them. That was pretty much our week. It flew by! It is making me a little sad to leave but I am so excited!! 

I just got the transfers!!! I’m going to Candelaria. It is a city on the other side of the mission. I am going from 1 end to the other. haha It is really close to Palenque!! I will be close to the Ruins!!! I am so pumped!!

Got to pack Love ya’ll!!!
-Elder Parduhn

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