Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 49(July 28, 2014) HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK!!!! This Saturday Aug, 2nd

He leaned into a freshly painted door!! Whoops!!!

I’m going to be honest and say that this was a very different week. First off I thought that my companion E. Hunt was going to stay with me for one more transfer, but Tuesday morning, while in the bathroom, E. Hunt received a call from from the AP’s. They told him that he had special transfers and that he had 3 hours to pack his bags. So he got to work. We had a little time to go a visit a few more members before we left. Then we headed out for Coatzacoalcos. That is when I met my new comp. E. Navarro. He is another Mexican companion from Mexico City. He is really cool. I am a little sad and also a little glad that E. Hunt left because with a new Elder in this area, we are working alot harder. We were also able to meet our new district this week. The 2 zones that were here in this city combined to make 1. So now we have a new district. Our district is really cool. The Sisters are super funny haha.

We were able to find a bunch of new investigators this week. We also had a cool movie night last night. We all went to the church to watch Ephraims rescue. It is sooooo good. You guys need to watch it. We also had a cool Young single adult activity in our church this week. This is how it went. As the YSA washed cars we would take the investigators around showing them the church. All the organizations had a set up room and a representative that would explain all about what they do. A ton of investigators showed up, and a ton really enjoyed the activity. We got a whole bunch of references from this activity. They might actually do it again in the following weeks.
The Young Women Values!!
The Missionary set-up for the activity!!
The Car Wash!!
Not sure why they are sitting on the ground!
More of the car wash!!
Also I have my little garden here haha. I planted a pineapple plant today. We will see how it grows.
That is about it from this part of the world. Hope all is going well with you guys. Love ya’ll!!!!!

Elder Parduhn
Things never change, he loves gardens and this one is his!!

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