Friday, July 25, 2014

Week 48 (July 21, 2014)


Yes shoes from back home would be nice thanks mom. If you could please send some Visine too please.

Today was a great week. Happy Pioneers day to you all as well. We actually celebrated that here too. We had a stake program which was really cool. All the Ward put on like skits to watch.

There was another catholic holiday this week, so the whole city was partying again. Some other Virgen haha. Nothing super special this week. It got sooo hot I really wasn't able to sleep some of the nights this week because with the concrete walls the heat just intensifys!! We were contacting some of our contacts this week when we ran into a few of their friends, long story short they ended up being our new investigators. This week was also the last day of this transfer. We both ended up staying the only transfer was that the new guy E. Conforme left! we are all sad haha. They joined the two zones here in this city and so now the whole city is one huge zone!! It will be fun. We now have a new district. 4 sisters I think haha. My companion is like depressed right now because he is going to finish 9 months here in this área. I hope all goes well. (I sent a Photo of my last District) We have some super fun activities planned for this week!!

Talk to yall next week Love yall

Elder Parduhn

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