Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week 51 (August 11, 2014)


This was a super great week, we had a zone activity with president this week!!! He took us to this place called ''The Mountain'' I would like to inform you that it wasn't even close to a mountain. It just had super tall trees so they called it the mountain hahah. So we went for a little hike. Finally I have been able to see real life wild monkeys!!! It was so cool! I also saw some huge spiders!!
Riding to the Mountains!! (Hunter is on the left middle)

When we arrived at the "Mountains"

Our Hike!!
Look Closely there is a Monkey!!
Pretty Bird!!

After we hiked for a bit we had a little Volleyball tournament!! It was so fun!! Then we sat down to a nice shrimp lunch!! They gave us soo much too!!!! It was really good. I enjoyed it alot. After lunch we had a little soccer tournament and then went home. It was a fun day.

On the right is President Morales and his Wife!!!
 As far as my investigators go, and on the spiritual side. We had a wonderful week. Here are some of the experiences that happened.

Tuesday- We were walking to an appointment when a man stopped us in the street. You could tell that he was upset and needed someone to talk to. Knowing that the gospel has brought relief in my own life, I shared a few scriptures I liked both out of the Book of Mormon and the Bible. He seemed pretty interested by that and then continued to ask me Gospel based questions. I happily answer all of his questions. After talking for a good 20 min. in the street, he insisted that we stopped by his house. The only bad part is that he wasn't there Friday. So we will stop by tomorrow.

Friday- As we are finishing our ward ''visits'' we came back to the church to report or work. That is when we found 2 ladies walking around in the church. I felt like it would be good to talk to them because I didn't know them. It turns out that they were 2 investigators who saw the church was open, and stopped by to see what was inside. So we got them to agree to let us explain the church. We had a powerful spiritual moment when we talked about the baptismal font and the baptism of Jesus Christ. We also had the opportunity to have them talk with the bishop, he helped them on some of the questions about who is the bishop.

I would also like to let you know that I have been working hard on inviting people to baptism on the first lesson. I had a cool experience this Sunday. We were with a few of the youth from the ward. When we stopped by and old investigators house. We started the process of contacting her to get to know her a little bit better. After teaching part of the first lesson I got the strong desire to invite her to baptism. So I did it. She said No. So being a little persistent I asked her ''Why?'' She explained her doubts and I helped her by answering her doubts. After I invited her again and she accepted a date!

The Work is going super well down here! I am learning so much and having a blast!! I'm am so glad to hear that things are going well back home!!! I hope school goes well. I remember this conversation a year ago in the MTC hahah Time is flying!!!!

 Take Care and have a wonderful week!!
-Elder Parduhn

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