Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 11 (11/04/13)

Wow alot is going on at home! I cant believe our stake split! Do we meet in the same building?  To answer your questions. The rainy season is all year. Because my mission is so close to the beach I have rain like this all year long, its just worse around this time of year.   The 1st and 2nd days of November are Dia De Los Muertos. It is a really cool holliday! They believe that these are the days where God allows the dead to visit there families, so they go to the cemetary and clean their graves, place candles, sing, and put their dead family members favorite food on there grave. I love learning about the culture here because it is so different, but always very cool. They also have halloween haha, but it is not as big and the children don't dress up and ask for candy. They just walk around asking for money.

Weekly Letter:
This was quite the week. First of all it was Halloween, so HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! We had a good halloween. Me and my mission leader exchanged gifts :). Then there was Dia de los Muertos. Our mission president announced that we would be spending our days at the Cemetary helping people clean their graves. The graves here are so elaborate! They are all above ground and have all this detail. So we helped them clean. We met a whole bunch of new people. It was a great opportunity to teach about the plan of salvation! Everyone was so receptive! I definately know now why our president wanted us to go and do this. We also had our stake conference this week! So we traveled to the city of Coatzacoalcos to our stake center. I got to eat Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen!!!! ;D It tasted so good haha. Then we arrived for the priesthood session. Our mission president was there! It was so good to talk with him. I am in his first group of missionaries. Him and his wife talked alot about the members in our ward working together with the missionaries, a big team. It really got everyone excited. We had a good asistencia saturday. There were about 100 people. After conference we went to sleep at the house of some elders in our zone. (The elders I was with at the begining of this month.) There were 16 of us there!! It was quite the party. Then we woke up sunday morning and fought for showers haha. Then we went to the second half of stake conference. There were about 600 at this one haha A little difference :). It went really well, it was alot like the first day haha. Then we went home with Emmanuel. And had a very powerful lesson with the Familia Ocaña. They are the family with the missionary who just left. The mom is a IPS (Investigator for ever) the other kids who are members and their dad who is a drunk. It is really hard for the mom because she wants to be baptized so bad but cant because she is not married and her husband doesnt want to get married (it is a problem here). The family is really faithful. We are trying to teach the father but he only likes to listen some of the days. We taught a a very powerful lesson on the plan of salvation and made plans to teach the father. This family really needs the priesthood in there home. 

It was a really good week. I miss you all a ton, I wish I could write more but I have to go! I never get enough time. I love yall mucho!!

Con cariño,
Élder Parduhn  

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