Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 12

Weekly Letter:
Its really weird to think that I am almost 1/4 done with my mission. E. Craven sent me a nice little email saying that we have been out for 4 months. The time here is flying by extremely fast!! 
Another normal week. We are continuing to find wonderful people that seem to be interested in the gospel. I had my first splits this week!! I ended up going with Emmanuel and E. Rivera went with the brother of Emmanuel (Ivan). The lesson went very well! The spirit was so strong. We taught about faith in Jesus Christ, but first we watched the movie ´How to Find Faith In Christ´. There were about 12 of us there. We ended up having a less active boy show up with 2 of his friends, then 2 more less active members. They were all very interested and bore strong testimonies at the end of the lesson. This was the first time that I was in charge of leading a discussion! and also to teach the whole thing. It went extremely well. 
My Mission has become alot more fun now that I can speak the language. Im still not fluent but I have plenty of time to learn. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to joke with people after months of not understanding anything. I have also had some other touching moments with people here. I have this little friend, his name is Fabian, the other night (night with the movie) he asked me if I wanted to be his hermancito (which translates to a super, super close friend, a brother) well I didnt hear him because I had 800 people trying to talk to me haha, but a few mins. later Emmanuel heard him say ´´He definately wants to be my hermancito´´ I got a little emotional when I heard this. The people here are so loving. They truly have a genuine love for everyone. 
The transfers were today, and no I didnt get transfered haha. So I will have my 3rd transfer here in the beautiful city of Agua Dulce. I am now the Oldest one in this district! 3 transfers old. Emmanuel bought me some new pants this week ;) they have the pattern of the junior high here haha (it is really cool). They are a little tight so im hoping to drop a few pounds here in the next few weeks. It is hard though because I eat so much!! It has been raining here for 3 days strait all of our stuff is put up high because the flooding is off and on. There is supposed to be a Hurricane that hits here tommorrow, but we will see what happens. It has been really windy and reminds me alot of home. 
Lastly, Zack has made quite a bit of friends here in Agua Dulce. Since I thought I was leaving I gave out some bracelets. I took pictures with all of them so Zack could see them. Just let him know he is loved. ;)

I love hearing from you all. Keep up the good work at home! Yall are in my heart always. Miss yall tons!!

Love, √Člder Parduhn

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