Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 13

Weekly Letter:
Well cold front 11 and 12 came monday, tuesday, and wednesday. It was acctually pretty cold, not for me of course, but everyone else here was dying haha. We really didnt get to do much work those days because it rained so hard. We had all our stuff packed up for a week. It was hard to sleep because the river was at the top and it continued to rain hard. We were lucky though because it only flooded in our street :) 2 of the bigger cities down here, Coatzacoalcos and Minatitlan, completely flooded out. Like over their cars!! It was so bad that the main freeway acctually fell. Like there is a crater in our sweet little I-15 here. So we will see if we can make it to Zone class this week. It was kinda fun though, other than we were soaking wet all the time. This week has also been a historical week because I decided that the cold showers are done (now remember our water is a large tank that sits on our house). So I took 2 nice buckets of freezing cold rain water and boiled them on our little betty crocker stove thing until they were nice and warm, then I got a little cereal bowl and BOOM a nice warm shower. BUT things then got alot better. E gave me this magic stick thing called a 'Resesistencia' which i put in the bucket of water and plug it in and it makes the water hot in about 5 min. So that was a week maker :). Now its really hot :P I want the cold back! We had a good week though. We had the biggest church attendence since I have been here!! 75 people!!! I am very happy. We are continuing to find wonderful people that love to hear what we have to say. The only problem is that they dont really want to go to church :P Not much really happed this week other than that. Other than this week is BUEN FUN! It is the mexican version of black friday but it lasts for 3 days!! Thanks for your letter! I am glad all is well at home! I love you all so very much! 

Con Cariño 
Élder Parduhn

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