Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 14


Im glad to hear that all is well. I did get the package this week! thank you soo much. My friends here LOVED the american candy haha. ya the freeway is still broken haha all they do is put a tree in the hole and people will drive around it. The driving here is weird. There are little things in my mission that are like that. The showering is not bad it really isnt a trouble. Im sorry to hear about sis Oniki. I always loved the times that I was able to visit her. She always had the biggest smile on her face haha :D And no there is no Thanksgiving here haha it is an American holliday. All the holidays are different. For exampleChristmas. They dont give gifts or do much on Christmas, they wait until day of the kings. They celebrate the 3 kings that came and visited Jesus and they give gifts on that day. 

As far as my week goes it was a little interesting. First off we got our new beds!!! It has been about 3 weeks. haha It is so nice to have new beds. The one picture shows our matresses on Emmanuels car haha. It was a fun night. Teaching this week has been normal, just a normal week. I did teach a lesson solo, Lehis Dream, so we decided to draw a picture of it. (it is one of the pictures, the other is the plan of salvation I drew.) I did some contacting this week too. My mission has definately became more fun now that I can speak spanish. This week was Zone conference so once again we had to travel to coatza. But because of the problems with the road we had to travel friday night and sleep at some elders house. It was the same house as last time and we had a ton of missionaries again ahah. Class went good, I had to teach a 10 min lesson on virtue haha. Then we headed for home. But before we left we went to the big store next to the bus station and I bought 'Bolillos'. Bolillos are little loafs of bread and they only cost 1 peso!!!!! I can by 26 for 2 dollars!! I love mexico. Then we came home and went to church the next day. After church we visited a family with a investigator who lives there, we taught a powerful lesson! 

It was a good week! E continues to buy me different things that have to do with the despicable me minions haha I have a ton of stuff haha. So dont be surprised when you receive another package with all that stuff next week. He wants to send it because i cant fit it in my suitcase. I will also be sending DVD cases, but dont be surprised when there are no disks in them, they will be with me. 

I love you all! thanks for all you do! 

Love Elder Parduhn

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