Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 15 (12-2-13)

That is so good to hear about Karli and her call!! Drew is a trooper and I know the Lord will bless him and his family because of the decision he is making. 

Well this week was just full of surprises! First of we had another cold front, which means alot of rain, but this time it was actually pretty cold! Monday-Thurday were really cold and wet. It really reminded me of home. It is like the fall weather here. Its all good though because I bought a really cool sweater! Everyone loves it! Including me haha Everyone here tells me that I dress so american hahah I love it. So to answer your question yes the weather does change, and yes I might need the sweaters. The newspapers have been saying that there are like 42 more cold fronts! It is a record in México haha. Its kinda fun being the only white person in this city. haha People just stare at me, and everyone knows who I am, and everyone loves my blue eyes haha, but it is also really hard because I am the outcast and many people treat me like that. Im glad I dont know the swear words down here yet, because my companion tells me that they yell a lot at me. hahah It is quite funny :). 
No they do not have anything close to Thanksgiving here, so it was just a normal day.
We did have a miracle happen this week though. We were sitting and studying when a member of our ward called and asked if we could give a blessing to her nephews, because the bishop wasnt able to come. So of course we said yes haha. That is where we found Jorge Angel, he is a little boy that recieved all the lessons from some other Élderes but couldnt be baptized because his parents said no, but after the blessing the mom wanted so bad for him to be baptized. So now we have a baptism next week. Also their family wants to hear the gospel as well. The Lord definately has his hand in the work in Agua Dulce México! 
Thanks for the update im really glad all is well at home! You all are also in my prayes. Les quiero muchisimo!! Ustedes siempre estan en mis oraciones. Siguen para hacer las cosas buenas y escuchan a la voz del Espirítu! Les quiero mucho. les voy a placticar en la proxima semana.

Élder Parduhn

I hope to be sending another package in the mail in the next few weeks. And im going to try to include presents for all so look for it. Tengan una buena semana!

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