Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 16

Weekly Letter (December 9, 2013)

This has been quite the week!!!! First off we had Zone Conference in Coatzacoalcos, but it wasnt just our zone, it was all the zones in Coatza!! So there were about 60 √Člderes and 10 Sisters. Its funny because our zone is the only one in the mission that doesnt have any sisters. It went really well. Then our miracle investigator fell through this week! He cant be baptized, the family is scared to have him baptized without the dads permission, I don't blame them. Everything is ready, we are just waiting for the baptism. We do have a baptism for 2 boys this weekend! :) The Custodio Boys! They are great! Ohh my gosh remind me when I get home to tell you about there friend ''Amoroso'' he is probably the best investigator I have seen!! The zone leaders came this week haha. SURPRISE. Ya I was just sitting there trying to fix my hole puncher when we heard a knock on our window, and we were like ''Who on earth is knocking on our window at 8 in the morning??'' Ya it was them haha. We had Divisions that day. I was with and Elder named Elder A. He is awesome, he's just a mexican version of me haha we are so similar. 
ohh ya. One of the sisters in our ward sells fireworks (they use them for christmas) and she gave us this huge bag of them for free!! So we spent a good hour wednesday night playing with fireworks hahah soooo fun!!! Im really excited for Christmas! They do some crazy things down here and I cant wait to see it. I will try to take pictures of it all. 
This has been a very spiritual week! I wish I could write the experiences i'm having, but I cant. This really is the best 2 years. I cant wait to share them with you when I get home!! But until then, I love you all!!! Cant wait to talk to you in 2 weeks!!! Keep up the good work at home!!

Love √Člder Parduhn
He bought himself a new sweater because it has been getting a little cold!

His Thanksgiving dinner!!!

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  1. I just love the picture of him and the baby, that is totally Hunter.