Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 18 (12/23/2013)

FELIZ NAVIDAD!! First off im about 6 months into my mission! The time is flying by so fast!! If you can send me a copy of that movie. All is well here, it was really hot again this week. It is all good now because another cold front has moved in so it is raining again. This has been an amazing week!! First off I got a new companion and he is awesome!! We are like best friends! His name is Elder R and he is from Columbia we have been doing alot of good work here.

Yes I hung all of the christmas decorations in our house we are ready for christmas.

Im sorry about your presents, I am having a hard time sending them so they will be late. Ohh my gosh we had one of those days we are never going to forget. Friday we had to travel to Minatitlan for a mission christmas party, so we had all the zones that are in the state of Veracruz show up. We got there all right it was the coming home that got a little weird. It ended up being a really good devotional. First we sang then we had testimonies by a stake president then Hna Morales spoke to us, she is always so powerful in her talks. Then their 3 kids sung a song and Pres. Morales told us that we need to work harder and be better haha. Ya we didnt really expect that from him haha. Then we had dinner and left. We took a taxi to the bus station, our taxi driver was talking to me about the United States and how he loves the food their haha. When we got to the bus station there were no buses so we had to wait for about an hour. But we were with a missionary that once served in this area, so he called a member who came to pick us up in little like food truck haha we cramed about 12 √Člderes in the back of this thing haha So we started traveling ohhh my word it was the worst trip of my life, BUT SO FUN. We were just dying of the heat back there but just having the time of our lives.

Now we are about halfway inbetween Minatitlan and Coatzacoalcos when one of the truck tires blow haha so now there are about 14 Elders stuck on the side of the highway haha we tried to hitchike but it didnt work. We eventually caught an cheap bus to Coatza. After all this we still beat the Zone leaders to Coatza haha Then we took a normal bus back home. It was a great day. 
As far as calling goes I am going to try to call on christmas later in the afternoon. I will email you before so keep an eye out for that. 
I am very excited to talk to you all this week!!!! until then 
Nos Vemos
Les quiero mucho!
Elder Parduhn

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