Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 17 (12/15/13)

Another wonderful week!! We had our district activity this week. We ended up cooking some wonderful steaks and watching the best 2 years haha. It was acctually a pretty normal week. Me and Elder R caught the cold this week, well Elder R did, im all good. So we had some slow starts this week. It is still pretty cold! Two new cold fronts came in and the rain has been pretty cold.

Some fireworks that where given to him.  They do alot of fireworks around the holidays!!
 Hna J gave us more fireworks this week!!! In total she has given us about 100$ in fireworks free!!!! They are so much fun. Ya they are like homemade haha. We were supposed to travel to Minatitlan this week for some kind of Conference but it ended up getting canceled 2! ugh I was so mad because I was going to see Elder C there! 

We had a baptism this Saturday!! The 2 C boys!! They are awesome!! It was a great baptism! We were planning to have it after the ward party but at the last minute our bishop changed it so we had it before haha. So we ended up having the service in the sacrament hall then we all piled into the primary room for the ordinance then finished in the sacrament room again. 
Then we started the party! Christmas here is so cool they do some many different things! The party went great, for some reason they decided to have hamburgers haha so we made those for the ward. Then we broke some piƱatas!! I was holding them and about got killed 2 times by the crazy children haha. 

Transfers came today. Elder R is headed to Villahermosa and I stay here for another transfer. I will now spend 1/4 of my mission in my first area. haha its alright though, alot of missionaries do. I really want to be somewhere new though. Its all good at least my best friend Elder A is still in my district haha. I will be getting another missionary that leaves home after this transfer haha.

Thanks for all! Love you all so much!!

-Elder Parduhn
Zone Conference!
I think his umbrella broke!!
The Primary Program!

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