Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 24 (3/2/14)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHELBY!!! First off I just want to give a shout out to my sis Shelbs for her Birthday today!!!! I decided to send it in this letter so that she could get it haha I hope Zack has fun in St George! I am sad that I missed the Superbowl haha. 

Sorry this letter is going to be a little short. This was a great but very sad week. First for the good Elder Restrepo and I had 2 of our investigators who committed to baptism so hopefully we can get it done in this transfer. Also this week we had another wonderful activity and alot of people showed up! Including Investigators!!!! We had a Study the scriptures activity. So we printed off a big picture of Joseph Smith reading the bible and cut it into a lot of pieces. 4 for every team (8 teams). And then we hid them around the church. And we had a scavenger hunt haha. Every piece had a scripture on the back that related to some place in the church. And to make it more fun we tied all there legs together haha. It was such a fun activity and we learned so much. 

*The Activity*

But this is where the sad part comes in. Elder Restrepo left this week. And yes we cried haha Oh my word we were like best friends!!!


We had testimony meeting and we both shared our testimony and the whole congregation was crying to hahah.  We went with to meet President, outside our city. It was really good to see President Morales. After that we had our long goodbye hug which just made us cry even more haha. Then he got in presidents car and left for Villahermosa. So now I am with the my friends in the other area. Elder Grossman and Elder Angeles. We went to a Circus today hahah And saw alot of animals.

*The Circus*

About transfers. Because my companion left I will stay here another transfer. But now as senior companion. And my companion who comes tommorrow is one of my friends Elder Moran haha I am so excited haha. Also it is funny because my last companion Elder coming back to this district haha he is going to be in another small town outside of ours.haha These transfers were really funny.

Thats all that is happening here haha. I hope that you are all doing well. LOVE YALL!

Elder Parduhn

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