Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 26 (2/17/2014) Still in Agua Dulce!!!

I LOVE THIS BOY SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! He is so cute!!
Where are the sheets on the bed!! Oh man....

***February 14th***


First off HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! Yes they do have it in Mexico but it is ALOT bigger here. They party hard. It is so funny because there are so many stuffed animals, balloons, and clothes for valentines day but they are all in english haha. It ended up being really good. We ended up doing a contacting activity that day because here in Mexico, on valentines day they marry people for free. So we went to the park where they were doing this and talked to the people about eternal marriage. <3 haha. I thought it was so funny that they do that. Other than that, this week was zone conference so we had to travel to Coatzacoalcos. It was funny because we walked in last and when I walked in some of the Elders said, ´´Theres the famous Elder Parduhn´´ hahah because I have been here so long. Ahh I love my zone I have tons of close friends. We did an activity where we left the chapel and just started contacting people. I went with one of my best friends E. Davila, we ended up contacting the most people haha. Then we finished up. The best part is that we get our mail after. I got the christmas card from the Martin family and can I just say that we were dying of laughing me and my companion in the bus hahahahah It was so funny. Then we traveled back home. The next day we woke up and went to church. No we are still having alot of problems from the time change. We had a total of about 10 people to start then after the sacrament showed up 30 more. haha That is something way different from back home haha. Then after we had to travel back to Coatza for a stake priesthood meeting. Which just ended up being the stake president talking to the bishops. We left to head for Coatza a little early so that we could pass by some of the cool places of coatza. (We went with Emmanuel) We passed by some stores that we have back home and at one point I felt like I was back home.

Then we drove on the road that on the coast! I love the ocean hahah It is so cool the cities on the coast.

So we stopped by some cool things they had, one being that huge dove statue.

And its funny because it is called El Espiritu Santo or Holy Ghost in Spanish. We saw alot of stuff but my camera died so I wasnt able to take more photos. Then we went to the conference. After Emmanuel bought us Dominos Pizza. It was soooo good. Just like back home. It was weird eating food from back home.

Yes we do have a Iguana that lives close to us but it is scared to death of us hahah that is why we were teasing it with a stick. I hope all continues to go well back home!

I love you all!!!
Elder Parduhn


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