Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 27 (2/24/2014)

Short but Sweet!!!
hahah the glasses are mine, and yes I do use them at times because they are really cool. I acctually got them from another area haha. They are another Elders haha. The beach is so cool I honestly love it! It is starting to get alot warmer this week was about 101 degrees something like that. I am scared for when it starts to get hot.

It was a good week this week. We had interviews with President Morales this week. He pretty much came and told us that we are the worst zone in the mission, that wasnt very cool. But all is well it just makes us want to work harder. In fact we have been starting to work alot harder. We had a family home evening this week with 3 famillies in which we taught them about the plan of salvation and then taught them how to teach it, then we asked them to give us a list of five people that we could visit with them. We got 18 references!! Now we just have to contact them all. I got a sweet letter from the peterson family this week which I really enjoyed, in that letter was the first letter that andrew wrote from the field haha I read that he has about 350 or so members in his ward and about 60 are active it made me laugh because we have the same thing here. We need to work hard because we have about 550 member and about 40 active ahah There is so much work to do here today.

Today we went to the beach to fish. haha ya we didnt catch anything but thats alright because it was really fun. Actually that was a lie we caught a bunch of little sand crabs. haha it was really fun. They dont have any fishing poles in this town so we had to make one out of a coke bottle haha.
I hope all is well thanks for letting me know what is up. I hope you all have a great week! Love yall!!

Elder Parduhn

Getting ready for Dinner!!!
Fishing in the Ocean!!
His fishing pole!!
Having fun fishing on his P-Day!!

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