Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 25 (3/10/14)


Wow time is honestly going by way fast which I really don't like haha. That is so crazy that the house flooded haha I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you. That is so bad. The Mexican people are really smart because all the floors are tile or concrete haha easy to clean. Its crazy that Brittany is already entering the MTC. Ahhh that is so awesome!! How do they feel that Brennan is about to be coming home?? Crazy fast the time here haha. 

I'm going to explain more about the transfer because I was in a hurry last week. I was called as a Senior Companion in this transfer.  I am with an Elder called Elder Moran. He is from El Salvador. He was actually in my district when I started my mission so we were friends before. We are great friends which is awesome, but I am also having a hard time with him. All is well though. I am still in the same area. At this point I feel like I am teaching my home ward haha I'm still waiting for Bishop Carrera to give me a calling. haha. Everyone here has now become family.

This has been a good week. We have been working a lot more with the members and bishop. We have received a ton of references this week it was a blessing. We are still working with those investigators who committed, now we are just trying to set a date with them. We caught another pet this week. We have a big ole Iguana that lives in our sewer. haha So we were teasing him with a stick for a while. They are so weird these things.


Other that that nothing else really happened this week. It ended up just being one of those normal weeks. We are fighting to get a better number of people at church Sundays. We have an average of 30 people that show up. We had a time change. We meet at 8 in the morning. Count your blessings back home. haha Im surprised that we are not a branch here haha. 

It is really good to hear from you all! Hope all goes well back home and that you all have a great week!!

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