Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 43 -- (6/16/2014)

Hey fam,

It is very weird to be in a big city. I honestly feel like I am back home. yes pres. did close down our last area. Now there is only 1 area.

Fathers day down here was pretty big. It was just full of parties in all directions. I am really liking this area. We have some super cool stories. The coolest part is our friend Luis. Luis is a young boy 18 years old who last year walked by the church and wanted to know what it was and so he entered. After the first visit he went to find the missionaries and 3 weeks later was baptized. Now (a year later this week) he leaves at 3 pm to go teaching with us until 9pm EVERY DAY!!!! He is the coolest member I have probably every met. He actuallly got his Duty to God yesterday! Ill send the photo

My new area is pretty sweet. There is ton of work to do. Also this is my first zone with sisters hahah. For 1 year in my mission I have never once met a sister missionary. Now there are six in my zone. and 2 in my district. They are super cool. The church building here is like way cooler than the ones back home too. Its 2 stories with and Elevator!!!!!!! It is also the stake center.

 Today was a tough week because my comp. got sick and had to stay home for one of the days. So I called president and we went on divisions with some of the members in the ward. Other than that really nothing else has happened so far. Just another normal week!!

Love you all!!

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