Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 44 (6/23/14)


We had another good week. These past 2 weeks have been super difficult to find people because of the World Cup. It is so funny because we will be walking down the road, and because im in a big city there will be a whole ton of people walking, but once Mexico starts playing the whole world becomes dead hahah. Right now they are playing and all I can hear is tons of people yelling because they shot a goal hahaha.

This week all the District Leaders (my comp) had to travel to Villahermosa for a training class or something so I went on divisions with another elder for that day.

This week was also super cool because we found a bag of brownie mix in the house, so we took it to the church to make them. As we were making them we did like a mission prep lesson to our friend Luis haha. This area is really hard there are not to many investigators, and the worst part is, is that there is never anyone home. We did visit one of our investigators this week, one that is ready to be baptized, but as we were teaching him he had a small heart attack on us. We were just talking with him when we fell on the floor. That was super scary!! This area is so weird. Also Thursday we were visiting some investigators that are an older couple when thier son came in drunk and super angry. Apparently something happened with his friend and he got super mad, so he said he was going to kill him and ran into the house. Now this is when the old lady started running. Turns out there was a gun in the house. So the man comes out of the house, but with only a machete (thank goodness) and starts running to his neighbors house. We literally thought that he was going to kill him. So all we hear is him hitting the metal fence with the machete and yelling. So the mom yellls at some other neighbor and tells them to call the Army hahah So ya we decided to leave at that point. As we were leaving the drunk man yells out´´ GRINGO!!!'' (Word that means Americans) and ran over to me. I was super scared but all he wanted to do was apoligize to me. hahah so we left. There are so many weird things that happen here.

It is getting super hot!!! It is at like 110 today!!!! Im dying down here haha. But all is well. Love yall!!

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