Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 60!!!!! (Oct. 13, 2104)

This week was transfers. I will be staying here while my companion goes to a new area. I am now here with an Elder that just barely started his mission. I am like his 3rd or 2nd companion. (still don't have a photo with him.) So I will stay here as a Senior companion again. This week was super good because we finally got our district shirts. hahaa they look so good. I am proud because it was my design. haha.

We had a zone class this week which was super good by the way. We were able to learn a little more to be able to better our teaching. This week was a little slower because the companion i was with is about to finish his mission and really had no desire to work. So we weren't able to do much. But now I am super excited
because my new companion is super excited to start working and so am I.

We cleaned our whole house this week as you can see from the photos. We took everything out of our house 1 by 1 and scrubbed it down. You should be very proud mother hahaha. But hey it looked so good after. It actually changed alot from how it was before. 
I am not sure if this in the clean or the messy??
 I really enjoy this district that I just had we were able to have alot of fun together. Actually we put our mattresses in their house and slept there all last week ahaha. My companion and 1 from their area left. And now 2 more Mexicans came hahaha i am going to be the only white guy amongst pure Mexicans yet again hahah. seriously though our district was like the best!!! The sisters were so cool too hahaha they were like our best friends. (i added a photo)
As far as Edwin. He still has not made the decision yet to be baptized, but it think he is getting there. I hope and pray that the Lord will bless him and that he will make the right decision.

We were able to visit one of our more difficult investigators this week. We decided to talk about baptism, so after a long SUPER COOL lesson she finally accepted to be baptized. It was the coolest thing. Now we are just working on putting a date. She feels she is not ready and so we are helping here feel more ready haha

That is really all that happened this week. I hope that with this new transfer we will be able to start from new and be able to find a whole lot more people


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