Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 62 (October 27, 2014)


This week was SUPER good!!! It has been raining a ton down here!!! A tropical storm passed through this week and drenched us haha. Also another young man opened his mission call this week! It is so cool to see the youth down here open up their calls.

We had a super good week this week. We actually had some very special experiences. Like we had planned we were able to put a date with Minerva. After a little bit of time and a lot of patients, we were able to help her overcome her doubts and finally put a date. 15 Nov.
Sunday one of our new investigators came to church. David. We were also able to pull him aside and teach him a lesson. We started teaching him Lesson 3. We left him with homework to read 3 Nephi 11 when we asked him about it he started explaining in depth the chapter. He got to the part where he said Nephi was called forth and given the power to baptize. Our investigator really liked that part. So we decided to talk more about the baptism. Long story short he really enjoyed the lesson and when we asked him to be baptized he got really excited and said yes.  We now have him set for the 8th of November. 
This week in our companion practices we focused our efforts on trying to solve a problem that one of our investigators is having. Edwin is a young man that has been assisting the church for about 1 year now, but hasn’t yet been baptized. He never wanted to tell us why either. So we decided to focus on him this week in our studies and practices. Yesterday we were able to pull him aside after church and talk with him.  We started by teaching him about baptism and after a while of talking with him we started asking him all kinds of questions. We started using what we learned in the District class about helping them with their doubts. We were able to have a wonderful lesson with him. Using many instances from the life of Jesus Christ. It was a very spiritual lesson. I am so thankful for the time we took to focus on him this week. We still don’t have a date but WE KNOW that he will have the desire to be baptized. He told us that no other missionary has explained to him baptism like that and was very thankful.
I feel really blessed this week for all that has happened. I know that the Lord helps us as long as we do the things he or his servants ask. We hope to have Edwins baptism date this week
I added some photos with Edwin in here. And also some other youth from the ward. Things are going so well down here. 

The other photo is a huge fruit that some member bought down here. Ha-ha It was so big!

Talk to you next week

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