Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Week 61 (October 20, 2015)

First off I would just like to state that my gun was found present in Zacks photo therefore I claim part of the luck Zack used to get that deer! hahaha CONGRATS ZACKY!!!!!!! I am super proud to be the big brother of such a stealthful killer. I don’t doubt his skill with all the neighbors birds dead thanks to their practicing in the back yard hahah ;)
This was a terrible week haha. We could not find a soul in their house this week. And to make everything better a cold front swept in this week leaving us soaking wet everyday hahaha. So much walking that I now have another ingrown toenail ugh!!!!!! But hey next week will be better :)
My new companion is great! He is a new elder that is here in his 2nd area. I am his first American companion. We get along so well!!! He is another Mexican elder. “Mexican elders left and 2 more came hahaha so we are in the same situation again.
My favorite part about this transfer is that this new elder has the new missionary spark! He is very excited to work, that has helped me a lot!!  We have been working a lot with the inactives this week. We were able to find a whole bunch of new people to teach. I like working with the less actives because at one point in their lives they have felt the spirit and it is super cool to help them feel the spirit once again. So this week we focused on helping the less active. We hope to have a better week this week.

Take care! I love you all a ton.
Elder Hunter

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