Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1st Baptism

Week 3 (9/9/13)

Wow this was a interesting week!! First off I have been really sick. I think it is because of the food here haha. It is soo different because it is alot spicier, and they feed you sooooooo much. They always ask me if I want more and I have to musscle it down. I hate being sick, but its ok it will probably pass. First off, Me and Elder Zuñiga were teaching our investigator Cristofer one of the lessons on Tuesday, and it wasnt going very good because he is 8 and of course cant sit still for more than 10 mins haha. Well we were about half way through the lesson when his mom (Linda, who was also an investigator) says under her breath "yo quiero ser bautizado", translation "I want to be baptized". Me and Elder Zuñiga had to do a double take haha. We were like "WHAT". She said again, "I have decided that I want to be baptized". It was soo cool!! We asked her if she wanted to this week and she said yes! So last friday I had my first baptism, and I got to do the ordinance!! It was the best thing! I was so scared because I had to do it in spanish and also their names here are huge! But, I did great (says Elder Zuñiga) haha. It is the coolest thing watching peoples lives change because of the gospel, and I am so glad for the opportunity I have to see it first hand. My investigators are awsome and so strong in the spirit. The members here are really active too. We teach soo many lessons with the investigators!! Me and my district went to the beach today! It was soo fun! I have some stuff to send home. We caught crabs on the beach, played soccer, and I found some really cool shells. I love that we only live 20 min. away from the beach! And it only cost us 40 pesos in a cab. (like $3.50). Everything is going great here! Its good to here about everything back home. Tell max good luck. Im going to try to send him a letter next. I love you all so much!!
---Elder Parduhn

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