Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2nd letter(Mexico)

Letter #2(Mission field)   September 2, 2013

First off Hno. is short for hermano (brother- in spanish) and 2nd, you cant send mail directly to me, it has to be sent to the mission home first (the address on facebook). 
Everything is going great here! I can understand everything my companion and mission leader says to me haha and most of what others say. I cant yet speak it but im getting better. I have been teaching elder Zuñiga english ahah he is getting good. I have 4 investigators with baptism dates. And they are all under the age of 12 haha. We are building the youth of Zion. We have a new investigator, Catolina, she is sooo strong in the spirit!! We taught her El Plan de Salvación then asked her to pray. It was beautiful!! Then she sat there and prayed on her own for like 5 mins. the spirit was soooooooooo strong!!!!! She is my favorite. We also have a Hemana in our ward the is a mexican version of aunt Chris hahaha it is so funny and a little bit scary haha. I met my district the other day. Get this there is another gringo from Idaho named Elder Andersen and his dad served in the Florida, Talahasee Mission and is mas o menos 49 years old i think. Do you know him dad?? He was from Washington state. The food here is great!! We eat with a member everyday. Then feed you so much! I think my favorite are the empanadas, they are pretty much deep fried tacos!! :)... The drinks here are terrible! they are all chunky and taste nasty! Except for the lemonade :):). I ate cheesecake on thursday it was soo weird! American food haha It had jello on it!! So good!! It has rained almost all day everyday! And when I tell you it flash floods im not kidding!! Everytime it rains there is like a foot of water in the street!!!! 
It has been a good week!! Miss ya all! Talk to ya next week!!

Elder Parduhn

There is nothing really cool in this city haha. We went and did laundry at Hmn. Emmanuels house then hung out and had breakfast then cleaned our house then ate with a member then came here. Doing laundry here is so fun. You throw your clothes into this huge tub of water with a spindle that goes back and forth. You let it go in there for like 20 min then you put it in a sink and wash out the soapy water. Then you put it into a machine that spins it really fast to get the water out. Then we hang it on the line. We are about to head back and get them.

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