Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 5 (Mexico)

Week 5 – 9/23/2013

Another great week. I am still in that depressed mood. :( My spanish
has improved so much, but my pronuciation isnt the best. Entonces,
Elder Zuga will ask after a lesson how the investigator thought it
went, and they will say good. Also, they will tell them that the
understood everything but what I said, thinking I wouldnt understand
what there saying, but I do and it really is hard. But as it says in
D&C 4:6 remember to have patience. Its it the hardest thing but I know
it will all work out. Also I have just read about all of the bad
things that are going on at home and that doesnt make me feel any
better haha. I know things will get better because the Lord doesnt
bless us until The Trials of our Faith.'' Now on the bright side. I
had another wonderful baptism friday. The field is white, and me and
Elder Zuga have had quite the harvest haha ;). It has been a special
week. I have been praying earnestly this week that we can find people
that were ready to receive the gospel. My prayers were answered 10
fold. This week we received 5 referalls. We found 4 new investigators.
And we taught a man that wanted nothing to do with the gospel! (I will
explain later). The members here have been such a blessing. They have
finally opened up to us and shared references with us. Our new
investigators are very strong. Like Presidente Morales said,
''Everyone here has faith in God, we just need to guide them to the
right church.'' Now back to the man who doesn't want the gospel. There
is a boy here in our ward named Cesar, he just barely left for his
mission in northern Mexico. His 2 younger siblings assist church every
week, his mom wants to be baptized but cant because her husband doesn't
want her to. But earlier this week we stopped by to see how she was
doing. We talked for a few minuets then her husband came out and
started asking us questions about the gospel. Which we answered very
well ;). We talked all about the Restauraci. (Restoration) After the lesson Reina
(the mom) said that we will have to visit her again. So me and Elder
Zuniga will have to see how she is doing again ;). haha.
The storms here are fine. I know there has been terrible flooding all
around me, but here it is good. We have had a big outbreak of
''Dengue'' here. The father of our mission leader got it this week. He
had the kind that is usually fatal. But he pulled through and has been
doing fine now. Because of all the rain the mosquitos are crazy.
Its good to hear about things going on back home. I miss you all so
much. Love yall!!

Con Cari,   Elder Parduhn

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