Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 84

Week 6 – 9/30/13


 First off FELIZ CUPLEAÑOS to my little man zack! Im so sad I couldnt be there but I was thinking about him all day. I hope shelbs had fun at Homecoming! Thats not really a shocker, Lone Peak always wins ;). I am so excited for sunday! I hopfully will be traveling to Coatzacoalcos to watch it in English with some other white missionaries while my native companion watches it in spanish. I have not received my package yet. I for sure will get it this week though, because my new companion should bring it. If he doesnt, I will be traveling to Villahermosa on friday to get my green card, so I will just pick it up myself. 

 All is going well here! I am acctually in the city of Coatzacoalcos Mexico right now. Èlder Zuñiga left for his house yesterday. It was hard to say goodbye, he was a really good friend. And so now I am here with 2 other Èlderes in their area until my companion comes tommorrow. It has been fun! This city is huge! We are going to go to Little Ceasars today!!! and also Dairy Queen!!! I am in heaven. Mexico is so cool. The rain hasnt really stopped. This morning it hit so hard!! I wish I had my camera because it was so funny! Im not kidding, if you were to tie a string to the back of a car, and you grabbed a snowboard, you could wakeboard up and down the streets! There is so much water!! on more of a spiritual missionary note. We have been having great success in our areas recently. I downloaded some mormon messages and put them on a disk and have been using those to teach. It has been going really well! People have been learning so much more from the videos. I am doing really good. Loving it here. 
Talk to yall next week! Love yall!!

Èlder P

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